24 jan. 2023

RIP Beware the Frog

Anyone here? If you happen upon this feed and you’re surprised to see “Beware the Frog” (my gaming blog) replaced with “#FF00AA” (my tech blog): as I migrated to Mastodon I downsized from three main personal accounts to just two, merging my tech and gaming accounts because I’d regretted many times separating them. When importing the content from these accounts to my blog, there was no practical way anymore for me to differentiate and separate both subjects between two domains, so I just removed one.

I’d never been completely happy with “@commandergaroo” as a nickname anyway, and “Beware the Frog” had never really meant anything. If you’re only interested in Apple tech and despise games, or the other way around, sorry 🤷 And, either way, you’re wrong.

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Matoo, 4 days ago:

Mouahahaha. :DD