9 jul. 2024

When I googled the issue before posting there were complaints from *years ago* about Signal for Mac storing the encryption key on disk instead of the keychain. It’s not a new issue, it’s something Signal has been aware of, and decided wasn’t a priority because dealing with the keychain is probably a pain, and only available on Mac so that would be a lot of platform-specific work for what is a multi-platform app.

Meredith Whittaker (

2. We continue working to harden our desktop build across supported operating systems and take advantage of new platform capabilities as they emerge. Those of you following our repo can follow this work there. 3. The posters who raised this issue did so without contacting us directly. Instead, they went straight to social media, in some cases using inflammatory language. And they dropped these claims over a US holiday weekend. This is the opposite of responsible disclosure.

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