14 mar. 2023

If there were one person capable of organizing a bank run on SVB just because there are “too many” women and minorities in the board, it would 100% be Peter Thiel.

And they were all so quick to blame the bank’s “wokeness,” it’s clearly a topic that’s bothered them for a while.

Thomas 🔭✨:verified: (

Again, SVB collapse was due VC’s starting a bank run and yelling at everyone to "get their money out". (e.g. Peter Thiel one day before the collapse on Bloomberg). Now they’re complaining that it was caused by "wokeness" and "Biden’s inflation" and diversity and and and and… everything but themselves. These douchewaffles are just such endlessly shitty people—and yet the Silicon Valley VC-backed startup world is so revered among tech people.

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