18 may 2023

When the split-brain subject was asked why *they* - meaning, actually, the arm controlled by their non-verbal hemisphere - had responded to the image prompt - which the verbal hemisphere could not see - the way it had…

The subject calmly and confidently explained why the behavior of their *non-verbal* hemisphere arm was a perfectly sensible response to the prompt the *verbal* hemisphere had seen.

> they would flash a picture of a chicken claw to the right eye and a picture of a snowy driveway to the left eye. […] The right hand pointed to a chicken (this matched the chicken claw that the left hemisphere witnessed), while the left hand pointed to a shovel (the right hemisphere wanted to shovel the snow.) When the scientists asked the patient to explain his contradictory responses, he immediately generated a plausible story. “Oh, that’s easy,” he said. “The chicken claw goes with the chicken, and you need a shovel to clean out the chicken shed.”

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