7 jul. 2024

God of War (PC) — 10/10

A proper masterpiece, modernizing the series in all the right ways, with a fantastically designed open world (just the perfect size for an adult who’s not looking to spend a hundred hours in a single game), stellar writing, and the most enjoyable combat of any game.

The marketing team must have fucked something up, because the main reason I waited two years to play was that I thought it would all be about hunting deer and fighting ogres in a dreary Norse forest. Of course it’s not that, how could God of War be that — but revivals have lost their way more often than not, and honestly in almost a decade I’d kinda forgotten what was good about these games.

It’s funny to think that the same Sony dollars, and the same desire to tell more mature stories about fatherhood, produced both the punishing slog that is The Last of Us, and this unabashed (but far from unthinking) ode to smashing monsters with an axe. Call me ignorant, but I do think one of these teams is doing the “game” part of “video game” correctly.

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