9 nov. 2023

What a weird video. They *must* be hoping for an acquihire — presumably they realized that this form factor makes no sense (they don’t make much of an effort to try and convince us that it does) and they’ll want to become someone else’s “AI OS.” Which, on the one hand, why not; on the other, I don’t think throwing all your text messages at ChatGPT requires a huge amount of engineering knowledge.

I do like the small on-board battery so you can hot-swap the main one.

Marco Arment (

The Humane Ai Pin introduction video is… bizarre. Super low-energy, low production value, and the first few minutes are a list of shortcomings and what it doesn’t do before they tell us anything positive or demonstrate any features. Are they trying to succeed? This vibe almost feels like they ran out of steam and are hoping to be acquired so they don’t need to go through with it.

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