2 mar. 2024

positive me: i’m grateful apple changed course and will continue to support PWAs. it’s the best for users.

neutral me: web tech works so much better/faster on android. i kind of hope apple gets the message that they need to improve PWA’s on iOS.

cynical me: apple planned this. they never intended to kill PWA’s. they needed an excuse to force PWA’s to run in Safari/WebKit — hobbling them with slow JS. by threatening to kill PWA’s it makes us willing to accept this limitation as a net positive.

Damn this is pretty. You’ve got to wonder how much better a black iPod Hi-Fi would have sold. And I get that they chose to release it in white so it was more closely associated with the brand, but white iPods did exist in 2006.

sam henri gold (

Attached: 3 images i absolutely adore the black iPod Hi-Fi prototype (photos via José Benitez Cong)

1 mar. 2024

This. Is. Brilliant.

DnD players learn they’ve been living in a Mimic for 15 sessions

This sneaky DM gaslit their DnD players, who didn’t figure out the town they were living in was a gigantic Mimic until 15 sessions into the campaign.

Satisfactory’s all “go ahead and build vertically to optimize space” but none of the machines fits nicely with the grid defined by floor and wall tiles, it’s infuriating.

I should buy Enshrouded and build pretty houses instead, but I’m addicted to maximizing my production flows. The game’s even awakening a dark side I never suspected — I felt a kind of cruel colonialist glee disfiguring the pretty alien landscape with a bright orange pipeline 😨

(Mostly because fuck those horrible spiders.)

Modern civilization isn’t gonna survive the next Y2K, is it 🤦

bert hubert 🇺🇦🇪🇺 (

So I used to worry about leap seconds causing problems. But with declining programming standards & increasing code brittleness, I wonder what will break this February 29th…

29 feb. 2024

Congratulations! You have found the secret day. Today and today only, you can: double jump, air dash, walk through walls as long as they’re only one tile wide, shoot lasers from your sword when at full health, and glide backwards up staircases, even infinite ones.

Satisfactory is certainly something. It’s been in early access for five years, it manages to handle an entire map covered with machines and conveyor belts and pipelines reliably and without burning my PC, but you can’t simply move buildings, sometimes you just lose your player inventory, and the arachnophobia mode is designed by juvenile trolls.

But it’s damn addictive. And a lot more approachable than I expected — I bounced off of Factorio a lot sooner than I’ve already been playing this.

28 feb. 2024

Cute Apple Vision app, creating virtual windows and putting your panoramas outside.

A vibrant building in the middle of a bustling Tokyo street is cloaked with a vivid facade of tempered laminated glass.

#architecture #design #glass

Reports over the past year have made it sound like the biggest reason Apple is giving up on its car project is that they’ve failed to develop autonomous driving, and I find that profoundly puzzling. Not that they failed, obviously — everyone else has. But did a company that owes its success to design and UX, and operates the worst voice assistant on the market, really bet billions upon billions on its ability to solve the hardest AI problem of the generation?

27 feb. 2024

Yiiikes. Generative AI keeps destroying the web in more ways than you ever expected. Or maybe this just means WordPressꓸcom was in dire straits anyway — they must have lost a bunch of users to Substack.

Tumblr and Wordpress to Sell Users’ Data to Train AI Tools

Internal documents obtained by 404 Media show that Tumblr staff compiled users’ data as part of a deal with Midjourney and OpenAI.

26 feb. 2024

Watched a few Enshrouded house videos, and I already knew the game was good but I can’t believe no one told me it has the best voxel building system ever made 😍

I don't have the time I don't have the time I don't have the time 😣

I had no idea Satisfactory could look so pretty.

12 Ways to build Rail in Satisfactory

Satisfactory Tutorial / Guide for making realistic and not so realistic train / rail infrastructure. Harnessing all the new features of blueprints in Update …

Blueprint Factories are Different! Here is how!

Blueprint designer in Satisfactory holds the huge potential. This video cover vast chunk of factory types made with blueprint designer. While all-in-one box …

I just remembered back when Apple introduced the Watch’s different haptic notifications for different functionalities, and I thought, surely in a year or two users will be able to customize alerts in order to triage them without looking at the screen, or at least third-party developers will have an API to set their own patterns, that’s gonna be so convenient!

someone, allegedly a wise young man, has graced our office with a pile of truly excellent stickers.

25 feb. 2024

I just spent 2½ hours playing Halls of Torment, a pretty well designed vampiresurvivorslike, all the while wondering what a child from the 1980s would think if you told them that would be the (okay, an) evolution of video gaming forty years later. Or what it says about modern life that we welcome the idea of letting the computer do most of the playing while we just move the character around in a trance.

I expect I’m late to the topic and all the think pieces have already been written.

24 feb. 2024

Finally got around to launching Mars First Logistics (after playing the demo, and buying it as soon as it was released) and… as usual with these robot-building games, I like the idea more than I have the patience to fiddle with the actual construction.

Though in this particular case I’d say the game is particularly annoying with the way it restricts motor placement (forcing a single correct mount point instead of letting you glue the side somewhere).

23 feb. 2024

Return to Grace (PC Game Pass) — 7/10

A neat walking simulator, that won’t be remembered for its minor story but for its very well-written, well-acted dialogue. I could have done with less bullshit busywork, but it was sparse enough; mostly I wish the graphics were a little more inspiring — there’s a distinct lack of Naniteness here — and I do think even a completely linear experience like this could reward spontaneous exploration a bit more. Just give me something to uncover in out-of-the-way corners.

21 feb. 2024

Since the forums suggested switching cables around, I tried different HDMI cables, but my MacBook Pro still had trouble waking up the monitor. I switched ports around, on the monitor and on the laptop. I tried a USB-C-to-HDMI cable. Nothing changed.

For completeness’ sake, I tried a USB-C-to-DisplayPort cable, and… the Mac wakes the screen up every time, as it used to do a year ago on HDMI 🙃

I guess all I can do is knock on wood then.

So apparently you get to choose the two digits after the username instead of them being randomly assigned? For some reason (mostly, I’m old) the first two-digit number that popped into my mind was the Back to the Future speed, and… uh… no, let’s definitely *not* go with that, even if it looks cool on a seven-segment display.

“Usernames in Signal are designed to be easily changeable. For example, you can make a username to connect with people at a conference or to plan a group trip. Then, when it’s over, change it if you want to. When you change your username, your Signal contacts are not notified because your username is not visible to the people you are chatting.”

Interesting design. Avoids name squatting and land grab. (Funny it happens just a year after Discord went the other way and made names globally unique.)

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