5 feb. 2023

Even though I knew what it was about, I did not expect Breath of the Wild's world to be so ruined and sad, nor so reminiscent of Horizon Zero Dawn — all the way to the design of the dead Guardian / Metal Devils, which is all the more eerie as both games came out the same year. Why was 2017 the year of the Matrix Sentinel revival?

fluent clippy with chat gpt 💀

4 feb. 2023

If you've been wondering why we didn't hear as much about generative music as images, looks like Google has just cracked it 😨

There have been a bunch of other attempts that were more directly derived from image-generating diffusion models, but they all sounded like you're underwater. This one is clean though the music sounds a bit cheap, but I suspect it's been trained on basic midi instruments.


A judge used ChatGPT AI chatbot to write a decision in a court case about an autistic child’s healthcare, including to write the arguments about the legal technicalities, as they said deciding takes too long. Jesus fucking christ.

A Judge Just Used ChatGPT to Make a Court Decision

The case is the first time a court has admitted to using the AI text generator’s answers in a legal ruling.

2 feb. 2023

Did you know you could use Mastodon as a comment platforms on your blog? I blogged about this 2 years ago but since there has been a lot of newcomers recently, it might be a good idea to share it again 😜

Adding comments to your static blog with Mastodon

One of the biggest disadvantages of static site generators is that they are static and can’t include comments. There are multiples solutions to solve this problem. You could add a third party blog engine like Disqus, but this has the drawback of including a third-party tool with a bad privacy record in your website. Another solution would be to host an open-source alternative but this comes at the cost of a higher maintenance burden.

Twitter just announced free access to the Twitter API will end on February 9, with unannounced pricing or usage details, effectively killing every free fun and useful thing ever built with it: bots, games, mashups, visualizations, research projects, autoposters, autoblockers, deleters, and so much more.

adding fake photorealism to a police sketch based on a verbal description is definitely one of the less ethical uses of AI

The nostr protocol is really interesting too. There’s no instances to join. People have private/public keys and follow other’s public keys. Clients post to several relays and pull from them, that’s it. Relays are very simple (websocket api + storage), anyone can run relays and have them participate. Truly decentralized and censorship resistant.

Nostr iPhone app Damus makes it to the App Store

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has celebrated the arrival in the App Store of the first Nostr iPhone app, Damus. Dorsey described the launch of the app as “a milestone for open protocols,” effectively for the creation of a new generation of social tools that are free from big tech control … What is Nostr? If […]

1 feb. 2023

sorry there’s just no way to bug test without the CEO getting personally involved, that’s just how bug testing works

When it became clear that ChatGPT was gonna be available to users as a paid service I started trying to use it for real, mostly to better undertand some aspects of ActivityPub, or other technical questions, and… it's actually quite useful. You just have to remember that it can be wrong — you need to understand what you're doing enough to be able to verify the answer.

So I'm quite happy with a $20 subscription price. And not happy at all that it's US-only at launch.

Casey Newton (

INBOX: OpenAI has just announced ChatGPT Plus, a $20/month service offering users guaranteed uptime and priority access to new features. Available in the US only to start; users will be let in off a waitlist "in the coming weeks."

I feel like the should-our-timelines-have-recommendations debate is a bit out of control. Do I want to have recommendations in my timeline? No. Would I love to have a recommended tab that I could ignore or use if I wanted? Yes. Discoverability is a lot lower on Mastodon. I had a lot of great accounts recommended to me on Twitter that I ended up following for a long time.

Maybe a recommendations engine could even be a service by a third party outside Mastodon. I dunno.

this is SO WEIRD, I love it

‘Nothing, Forever’ is a GPT-3 driven #Seinfeld parody that has been airing nonstop on #Twitch since mid-December

watchmeforever - Twitch

NOTHING, FOREVER | AI generated, always on, always weird | "make sense" mode on

31 jan. 2023

I hate to compliment an algorithm, but Instagram's infinite feed has me figured out and I love-hate it for it. Pottery, painting, cake-making, woodworking, all the DIY hobbies! I can't stop scrolling, even worse than when I was looking at huskies on TikTok. (And a million times better than YouTube recommendations. But YouTube's data is poisoned by the fact that *everything* I read online points to YouTube videos, including e.g. game trailers, and you know what that does to someone's recs.)

TIL that ILM has replaced Unreal Engine with an in-house renderer for its Stagecraft virtual sets. Also, I underestimated how fast they'd iterate and create bigger volumes than those for The Mandalorian's first season. It's pretty impressive seeing the whole poop deck from 1899 on a turntable, surrounded by giant screens.

The Virtual Production of The Mandalorian Season Two

A behind the scenes look at the groundbreaking virtual production technology used on The Mandalorian, season two.For the second season of Lucasfilm’s hit Dis…

The Virtual Production of 1899

Behind The Scenes of Cinematography SERIES - the minds of the Netflix series dark, 1…

"This microscope uses touch"

This microscope uses touch

Visit to find out more about their Academy of Math and ProgramingGelsight is a microscope the presses gel into the object of study…

broider: Max Bittker made a tool for making 9-patch quilt-like borders in CSS using inline data URIs


30 jan. 2023

P.P.S. As I was looking for images to illustrate the original post, I've discovered a new bunch of things that I want 😫 (thankfully I don't have the shelf space these days)

P.S. I can never remember what these things are called and I probably wouldn't have found it if it weren't for ChatGPT.

I spent many high school lunch breaks at the local department store watching the cute motorized
marble runs on the toys floor (it was a whole thing back then, also wasn't I such a fun and interesting child), and I'm 😍😍😍 over this perfect game adaptation. Also, it's got no ads and the full unlock is unconscionably cheap.


‎Insert coin. Dispense ball. Tap, turn, tilt and spin the contraptions to help each ball hop and roll its way to victory. Each Automatoy is a unique, mechanical obstacle course. Features - Complex machines, simple controls - Outpace the clock to better your score ⁕ = Fast ⁕⁕ = Really Fast ⁕⁕⁕ = Inc…

Please stop using “mom” as an example of an unsophisticated user of technology. This reinforces harmful stereotypes.

Instead, I suggest using “congressperson”.

Oh, good, I was worried when I saw that boost deduplication was rather low on Ivory's published roadmap. It'll be worth the subscription price all by itself, I'm seeing the same boosts several times per day and I mind that a lot more than the lack of quote tweets.

Paul Haddad (

For folks running the latest Ivory beta, how’s the dupe boost filtering working out? Feels pretty good to me.

29 jan. 2023

Wow, there’s innovation in propeller shapes (which i thought we’re close to optimal for a century): toroidal propellers >50% performance improvement at midrange rpms in liquids!

Toroidal propellers: A noise-killing game changer in air and water

These strangely-shaped twisted-toroid propellers look like a revolutionary (sorry) advance for the aviation and marine sectors. Radically quieter than traditional propellers in both air and water, they’re also showing some huge efficiency gains.

28 jan. 2023

The only reason I have Hue lights is so that I can switch my lights to purple in the last hours of the day. I could just as well have bought a separate set of purple lights to turn on manually, it would have been orders of magnitude simpler *and* cheaper than this whole "smart" mess.

This whole process ate up all my dopamine for the day, and more.

Failing to migrate the Hue bridge's config, having to re-add all the lights.

Google Home allowing you to have several homes, but only a single Hue bridge (short of using flimsy workarounds involving several accounts).

Apple Home importing the lights from the bridge but neither their names nor locations, and deciding automatically that I'm in the wrong home, with no way I can find to tell it otherwise.

Internet of shit, indeed.

Oh, of course I waited too long to upgrade my old Hue bridge and the migration procedure isn't available anymore 🤡 Suits me right for being reluctant to give Philips another 60 euros as soon as they asked, I guess.

I really hope Matter takes off and I never have to be tied to a specific manufacturer again.

Liquid-core chonk dice are such a perfect intersection of fidget toy and sensory bottle, why are the good ones so expensive 😫😭

Dispel Dice on Instagram

What are the odds that Wizards' higher-ups intentionally leaked the OGL 1.1 so that the suits at Hasbro could witness the outrage? And used the reaction to push all the way back into Creative Commons?

Because there's no way that decision was made by the same people who were trying to fleece every third-party under the sun. They could have survived without going that far and giving that much.

OGL 1.0a & Creative Commons

Over the past few weeks you, the community, have made your voices heard. And we’ve listened. OGL 1.0a will remain untouched AND the entire SRD 5.1…

27 jan. 2023

@cstross I know of one outfit that has been running a phone-sex service using AI. Labor costs are effectively zero, the customers don’t seem to notice/care, and they’re making a healthy profit. Been running for at least a year at this point.

Turns out it's not just Xbox Games Pass overwhelming my internet connection when I download over IPv6, but iOS updates as well. (And possibly app downloads, that would explain why the wifi was sometimes unresponsive in short bursts.) I turned off IPv6 on the PC but Apple decided that's not a thing you should be able to do in iOS, so just disabled it on the router.

Again, I am completely mystified by whatever could be happening here. Download speeds on my PC were the same before and after.

Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) — 10/10

It’s hard to write anything interesting about a game that is so perfectly designed. The controls and animations are impeccable, making the simplest traversal fun. Puzzles are creative and varied, with optional objectives bringing different levels of difficulty. The worlds are gorgeous and inventive (it’s hard to imagine another franchise being able to reconcile such wildly different visual styles). Boss fights are just hard enough, and long enough, to give me a jolt of adrenaline without leaving me frustrated.

This was the first Mario game I played from beginning to end, and I finally know what so many developers making exploration platformers are striving for. With such overbearing references, I guess it’s impressive that they even dare to try.

@filippo The problem as I see it is that the first people who truly jumped ship, abandoning twitter completely years ago, were the most politically extreme and personally oddball, and now they feel that they are the real mastodon users and the rest are johnny-come-lately posers. (I opened an account on masto when it was quite new, but there wasn’t enough network effect to keep me here until Recent Events.) We on twitter heard about ridiculously overblown personal dramas on masto every now and then between these most hardcore original users and it didn’t encourage us to jump in. And now that we’re here, they’re not happy to be reminded that most people see many features as pretty desirable with some drawbacks rather than absolutely horrifically unthinkable. I don’t see a general satisfactory answer to this culture clash - the hardcore aren’t wrong to want what they want, and I don’t want to advocate for a purely numeric approach where whatever the largest faction wants trumps all other concerns. But I do think there are some people who need to realize that what they want is either not to be on a social media platform in the first place, or to abolish the NSA, which is a bit out of scope.

Some people believe there's no purpose to "liking" something on Mastodon since it doesn't affect any algorithm.

Not the case.

It does something incredibly valuable: it acknowledges people.

Which is incredibly powerful, and is all the more important *because* it's not connected to gaming any algorithm.

By liking something on Mastodon, you are doing it honestly — without any agenda at play other than that you like it.

So go ahead. Click that like button for its own sake.

26 jan. 2023

Should I be worried that my Mac thinks it's perfectly up to date with 13.1? The .2 update launched three whole days ago 🤨

The potential of this watermark remover is kind of scary. Worked more or less flawlessly on this test image.

Watermark Remover - Remove Watermarks Online from Images for Free

Remove watermarks from your images using our AI technology. Use our watermark-remover tool and get your images watermark free.

Microsoft overstepping with Edge & Bing

I have been a happy Edge user for a few years, but more recently the experience is degrading for me. Microsoft dumped a few useful features like the good epub reader that used to be built in. And it keeps altering settings while pretending to make my browsing experience better. One recent example is how they quietly disabled the DuckDuckGo extension I had prev

#bing #microsoft

Microsoft overstepping with Edge & Bing

I have been a happy Edge user for a few years, but more recently the experience is degrading for me. Microsoft dumped a few useful features like the good epub reader that used to be built in. And it keeps altering settings while pretending to make my browsing experience better. One recent example is how…

Okay THIS is rad. I was honestly on the fence with @ivory but now I might be sold. The app adds “Open in Ivory” to the iOS share sheet. So if someone sends you a link from any instance, you can open it in the native app and interact with it seamlessly. The multi-instance problem is completely papered over! 🤯

I moved last week, and found out yesterday that downloading any game in the Xbox Games Pass app immediately nuked the flat's internet connection. (Steam downloads were fine.) Turns out it was as simple as disabling IPv6. I wonder what was happening there, exactly.

Since JSON is pronounced Jason (this is an undisputed fact), I declare DNS is now pronounced Dennis.

It’s not DNS
There’s no way its DNS
It was DNS


It is not Dennis
There is no way its Dennis
Yep, it was Dennis

And here is a picture of Dennis in his natural habitat.

25 jan. 2023

Turns out Mastodon does not like a WebFinger result that directs to an Actor on another hostname (even if the WebFinger is on and the Actor is on — don't ask why I needed to do this, it's complicated).

Thanks to much help from @balbinus, I solved my "503 Remote SSL cert could not be verified" error when looking up my custom server from : content negotiation on my server was failing on the "webfinger" URL, presumably because of the request's "Accept:" headers confusing Apache which didn't think to route it to "webfinger.php". Nothing whatsoever to do with SSL certificates 🙄

Now that WebFinger is working, I'm… stuck again with the same error message, but on the next file 🤦

Yeah I’ll be even more extreme and say if you’re subscribing to Ivory and /not/ paying your instance admins at least as much, you need to fix that right fucking now.

Apple iOS 16.3 release fixes some pretty critical security, also privacy, bugs. Be sure to upgrade immediately. Security release comes also for iOS 12.5.7 - extremely old devices like 10-year old 5s. We should all commend Apple for such a responsibility. That is impressive.

About the security content of iOS 16.3 and iPadOS 16.3

This document describes the security content of iOS 16.3 and iPadOS 16.3.

24 jan. 2023

Nitpick: I didn't like the way @ivory displayed boosts during the beta, but it's worse now that the… pills? are gray. I just saw two posts from Steven Troughton-Smith in my timeline and went through a whole cycle of "wait… did I open Twitter without noticing? wait… no, this is Mastodon, did he just start using an old, dormant account? wait… he just created the account, I definitely didn't add him in the last five hours… oh, I *don't* follow him, they were boosts!"

Another great way to use ChatGPT in development is as rubber duck. Tell it about your app idea, give it a marketing description, then ask it what kind of features it thinks would make sense for that app. You can use it for brainstorming, improving your marketing copy, or even riffing on potential app names. This particular example I did for @dskuza when he was planning his own app

I'm sure everybody is sick of hearing about ChatGPT by now, but one OP feature it has is the capability to translate code between different programming languages, for example from Objective-C to Swift (or vice versa). An incredible accelerant, if nothing else. This was indeed the final push I needed to get @broadcastsapp over the finish line on its migration, and Broadcasts v3.1 doesn’t have a single line of ObjC left 🫡

Ah, my bad, Ivory for Mac is further along than I feared.

Todd Thomas (

Attached: 1 image Things are coming along.

Ivory is out 🙌 I cannot overemphasize how much of a difference it makes to have a well-designed, fully native-feeling app to access a service. Subscribed without hesitation, even if I'm a little sore that they've gone out of their way to prevent the app from running on Apple Silicon Macs. (Who knows when the Mac app will be ready, and even then — I'm not sure I'll be willing to pay for it after Tweetbot for Mac went through *two* separate years-long abandonment periods.)

Ivory for iOS

Oh, yeah, forgot to specify — there's a couple of issues on github of people having the exact same problem (mostly with off-the-shelf Mastodon servers rather than homebrew), over several years, and with no obvious resolution in sight. My website gets an "A" on SSL Labs, and I don't know how to look any further because Mastodon doesn't tell me anything useful.

Wasn't the Fediverse supposed to be about encouraging people to do their own stuff? 🤔

Been trying to turn my blog into an ActivityPub server, following Gargron's "How to implement a basic ActivityPub server" guide among others, and failing at the very first step, WebFinger. Searching for the username in Mastodon returns no result — and sometimes, but not always (?!), displays a "503 Remote SSL cert could not be verified" error. I don't know where to go from there, short of installing my own Mastodon server to see some error logs, which is a lot more than I'm willing to do.

😩 😞

RIP Beware the Frog

Anyone here? If you happen upon this feed and you’re surprised to see “Beware the Frog” (my gaming blog) replaced with “#FF00AA” (my tech blog): as I migrated to Mastodon I downsized from three main personal accounts to just two, merging my tech and gaming accounts because I’d regretted many times separating them. When importing the content from these accounts to my blog, there was no practical way anymore for me to differentiate and separate both subjects between two domains, so I just removed one.

I’d never been completely happy with “@commandergaroo” as a nickname anyway, and “Beware the Frog” had never really meant anything. If you’re only interested in Apple tech and despise games, or the other way around, sorry 🤷 And, either way, you’re wrong.

At first it was ridiculous, then it was sad, and now I'm starting to find it somewhat endearing that Niantic is *still* releasing the same app over and over and over again, hoping to find an IP that can somehow replicate the once-in-a-lifetime success of Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go developer’s NBA All-World launches today

NBA All-World, the next game to launch from Pokémon Go developer Niantic, will arrive for smartphone devices wor…

None of this seems very promising. A giant virtual iPad where you move the cursor with your eyes and click by pinching the air sounds incredibly boring — the magic of VR is in the physicality of interactions. And if they're really launching at $3,000 *at cost*, does that mean xrOS has no chance of becoming mainstream before 2030? You'd have to cut so much functionality to make it the least bit affordable that it would hardly be the same platform anymore.

How Apple’s Upcoming Mixed-Reality Headset Will Work

22 jan. 2023

I love that I have half a dozen client apps installed on my phone, they're all under active development, and they all have as many (or more) features as the official app. It feels like the early days of Twitter apps, but without even the possibility of the rug getting pulled out from under it.

Just started Super Mario Odyssey and it's a good thing I have to put the Switch down to charge every so often because I would not be able to stop myself otherwise. This is gonna be the first Mario game I play from start to finish (never owned a Nintendo console before), and what a master class in game design it is.