24 jul. 2024

You know what, Google’s search results have gotten bad enough in the last couple of years that I could give alternate search engines a shot again. Because fuck that bullshit, whether the idea came from Google or Reddit.

And I guess Kagi’s out if my subscription fee’s gonna go back to Google anyway.

Joseph Cox (

New from 404 Media: Google is now the only search engine that works on Reddit thanks to its AI deal. Try to search for Reddit results with Bing, DuckDuckGo, or a bunch of others you won’t get full results. Further monopoly on valuable information

23 jul. 2024

Adobe Illustrator's new generative shape fill tool is pretty cool

Take a crummy sketch and turn it into a totally editable vector drawing. For quickly generating some simple assets this is going to be really handy

TIL you can get custom printed duct tape and gaffer tape 😍

(But only in bulk 😒)

21 jul. 2024

Ian Muir explains the context for the Crowdstrike Microsoft disaster.

I’m discovering a whole bunch of interesting indie PC games via Youtube playthroughs that I should absolutely have known about from the number of gaming blogs I’m subscribed to 😒

I guess I might have heard of them if I were still on Xitter 😡

20 jul. 2024

This looks absurdly realistic for such a niche game, made by two people in their spare time (in five years, though — I can’t imagine sticking with a project for so long).

OUTBRK on Steam

Storm Chasing Simulator

19 jul. 2024

“This wouldn’t have happened on Linux” I say smugly, as I copy and paste a command from a 2008 forum post, three hours into trying to get my fucking WiFi working on Arch.

Tip for software companies. Your stock price can’t crash when you release a bad update if your update manyages to take out the stock exchanges

18 jul. 2024

How is it acceptable to anyone that an app essentially publishes your address book? And it took the previous political scandal for them to even *allow* hiding it?

I don’t understand what they gain from being stubborn about this. It’s not like they need to prove that many people use the app, it’s a given by now.

evacide (

We ran a whole campaign at EFF to get Venmo to even make it possible for users to hide their social networks. The fact that JD Vance couldn’t be bothered to turn that option on is a lesson in the tyranny of default settings.

I don’t understand how people can have few enough apps on their home screen to consider leaving gaps between icons. My screen and dock are full of *folders* and I still have several panes. (The App Library isn’t the answer, I’ll just forget the apps exist.)

Here I am innocently watching Edward Tufte’s keynote on data visualization and then he absolutely MURDERS economics 💀

- YouTube

17 jul. 2024

Still wish I actually found playing the game enjoyable, but very appreciative of this muppet-ass planet I found on my very first trip to space 😍

That ought to either look incredible or run terribly in VR. (I can't be bothered to fish my Quest out of the depths of the cupboard it's sitting in — especially in the middle of summer.)

Okay, this is sooo cool: mazeletter is a collection of nine infinitely tiling maze pattern fonts. This means: you can write something, to build fun geometric patterns, you can then download.


Pattern Font Collection

16 jul. 2024

And users want it too! When I worked at Lyft, we would carefully design a few variations of a feature. Test them all out. The winner? Whatever Uber already did. Whatever Mail already did. Whatever Messages does. Users don’t want to find your weird Share button. They don’t want to relearn how to use things. They enjoy familiarity between products. Just as our tools drive us toward conformity, so do users.

15 jul. 2024

The Unreal 5 era of solo game dev is 😵

(I'm going through this YouTube channel as market research.)

The UNBELIEVABLE Cosmic Horror Game NOBODY Saw Coming

Welcome to Chordosis! Chordosis is an AMAZING alien cosmic survival horror game made by a single person. The graphics, the sound design, the storytelling…e…

1979 and they've got everything, even weird-ass input devices 😮

1979: Will WORD PROCESSORS start a HOME WORKING revolution? | Past Predictions | BBC Archive

Luke Casey examines the impact of the microprocessor in the workplace. Already, the adoption of word processors and text editing software in offices has been…

14 jul. 2024

I’m watching streams of Escape the Backrooms and the amount of content in a game that sells for under $10 is ridiculous — I’m not giving up on the idea but this isn’t a great market to try and break into. Eh, what else am I gonna do, the App Store is a lot worse and I don’t want to learn Swift.

Realized belatedly I ought to play the Monkey Island adventure in Sea of Thieves before I’m out of Game Pass. Doubt I’ll finish it in time, it’s meatier than I expected — and the insult sword fighting sequences are glitchy.

I’m seriously jealous of lifelong fans getting to enjoy such a loving recreation of the series’ world. (Point-and-click games weren’t a big part of my childhood. They were too frustrating before wikis came around.)

Apple Health see how far you scroll every day

Giving Jedi Survivor a quick shot before Game Pass expires. I still don’t understand why people like this series. There isn't a single aspect that actually feels good to me, whether that's combat, traversal, exploration, or story and dialogue 🤷

If I hadn't just finished God of War (2018) I'd assume I've gotten too old to enjoy character-action games. Come to think about it, Fallen Order may be a big part of why GoW sat on my drive for a year and a half, with me feeling like I wouldn't enjoy it.

Forgot how much more fun I had with Forza Horizon 4 in the snow. I’d have stuck with the game a lot longer if I’d been able to pick the season at will, instead of having to wait for the one week of winter out of four.

With how popular Horizon 5 has been, the next game could probably afford to split the player base by letting people switch between summer and winter more freely. I don’t have the slightest expectation they might do that — but it’d be nice.

How do ‘tear-off menus’ actually work, you ask? Here’s what it looked like in Rhapsody. Just keep dragging on any menu and it would pop out into its own, standalone panel. This was app-specific — only the current app's menus would show — and they would preserve their location between launches. So if you wanted e.g. TextEdit's ‘Edit’ menu to always be onscreen, it would remember that preference

I wonder if Apple should bring back menus that you can rip off.

You could do this in HyperCard and MacPaint in like System 6 which I genuinely found useful, but those menus were essentially utility windows in disguise.

But! You could also do this in Rhapsody with *any* menu. They killed it at some point before releasing Mac OS X. I recall there being APIs related to this feature in early versions of AppKit.

13 jul. 2024

Wow, it’s a shame Media Molecule had to give up on Dreams and never ported it to PC.

LAKE JUNIPER | Full Game Play-through

Play now free so any support helps alot

12 jul. 2024

this is by far the craziest longshot candidate replacement idea I’ve heard, but if the technology’s there I’ll hear them out

Honestly ridiculous that I’ve spent years waffling on what game I could make out of Unreal Engine, and it’s only occurring to me *now* to base it on my teenage years.

I have no experience with liminal horror games — didn’t even know some had actual monsters — but this is spectacularly well made. I’d just like to know if regular players really get that invested in the experience, or if it’s only ever streamers playing it up for the audience. (He does sound sincere enough, and the game sold well.) I grew up living inside a high school that I was free to explore during the holidays, and it’d be fun to recreate my childhood fears.

Genuinely the BEST Backrooms / Liminal Horror Game I’ve Ever Played - POOLS (Full Game)

POOLS (Full Game + Ending)Welcome to POOLS, a liminal space horror game that terrifies you without cheap jumpscares and monsters. Just pure, unadultered terr…

If any tech company is capable of shutting out the EU in a fit of pique, it’s Musk’s Twitter 🤞🤞🤞

The Verge (

X’s blue checkmarks are deceptive, rules EU

11 jul. 2024

So now I’m mentally drafting a horror audiobook to try and play with Logic Pro’s binaural panning and, let’s be honest, I’ve done *much* more useless things with my time. How long could it take me to rewrite, record and produce a 70-page classic? I just need to be done before my ADHD brain flushes the project away, so… I have like three days ahead of me.

Figured I’d start Senua’s Saga before my Game Pass subscription expires. I appreciate how much they front-loaded the misery porn, right from the ponderous recap voiceover, so that I knew I could close the game after twenty minutes and uninstall it without regret. (I was well aware it wouldn’t be a fun romp, but this is something else.)

Hope someone finds a more pleasant use for binaural voices someday. Wouldn’t it be an interesting fit for a Stanley Parable kind of thing?

Dear young people:
Facebook started the practice of people using their real names on social media.

This is why you don't know that the Internet was generally like this before the age of social media. The Internet has returned to normal in this one regard.

Us old farts are used to insane screen names.

Vision Pro demo sessions are beginning tomorrow in France, and there are slots available day-one at every Apple Store in Paris, even though they opened for booking on June 28. Yikes.

I expect I’ll go for a demo at some point, but there’s no rush. Wouldn’t it be funny if it motivated me to start building a new app for the first time in years — for a doomed platform.

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