27 nov. 2022

ADHD is so absurd sometimes. I have a couple of things to 3D print on my to-do list right now. They’re pretty simple, it would take me like ten minutes to measure everything and model it in Fusion, and I have all the filament I need. Plus it would heat up the place, which wouldn’t hurt. But, nah, it’s like the person inside my head who’s in charge of the printer has left on vacation and the only workers left are the web dev team, so I’m doing web dev.

25 nov. 2022


Can everyone please stop adding their Mastodon usernames to their Twitter names? It’s really frustrating for screen reader users. Hearing them being read out loud when scrolling down my timeline isn’t fun.

Add it to your bio or make a pinned tweet instead.

I got Acorn as part of a black friday bundle (that I don’t feel like linking to, because it made a very poor job of telling buyers that some of the other apps included were just a single year of subscription, not a permanent license) and, wow, is it nice to be able to do some routine image editing without waiting for Photoshop to launch and be ready.

And when I say routine editing, I mean just about anything short of the UI mockups that I should be doing in Sketch anyway.

24 nov. 2022

The RSS feeds have been rocky as I was reactivating the blogs and moving stuff around, but I promise it’s all stabilizing now.

Just Pikachu playing Spintires

23 nov. 2022

Midjourney v4 now has (limited) aspect ratios and look at these tarot cards 😍

All of gamedev twitter suddenly and inexplicably signed up for Hive Social this week — a completely unproven social network with oddly mysterious creators and funding, and no web or desktop version — and isn’t this and amazing bit of forward-thinking design:

Edit: According to Hive’s Twitter account this happened because of a server crash.

Managing Elon

From an anonymous Tumblr, but boy does it ring true:

Back when I was at SpaceX, Elon was basically a child king. He was an important figurehead who provided the company with the money, power, and PR, but he didn’t have the knowledge or (frankly) maturity to handle day-to-day decision making and everyone knew that. He was surrounded by people whose job was, essentially, to manipulate him into making good decisions.

Managing Elon was a huge part of the company culture. Even I, as a lowly intern, would hear people talking about it openly in meetings. People knew how to present ideas in a way that would resonate with him, they knew how to creatively reinterpret (or ignore) his many insane demands, and they even knew how to “stage manage” parts of the physical office space so that it would appeal to Elon.

The funniest example of “stage management” I can remember is this dude on the IT security team. He had a script running in a terminal on one of his monitors that would output random garbage, Matrix-style, so that it always looked like he was doing Important Computer Things to anyone who walked by his desk. Second funniest was all the people I saw playing WoW at their desks after ~5pm, who did it in the office just to give the appearance that they were working late.

People were willing to do that at SpaceX because Elon was giving them the money (and hype) to get into outer space, a mission people cared deeply about. The company also grew with and around Elon. There were layers of management between individual employees and Elon, and those managers were experienced managers of Elon. Again, I cannot stress enough how much of the company culture was oriented around managing this one guy.

oops all spiders

I was an intern at SpaceX years ago, back it when it was a much smaller company — after Elon got hair plugs, but before his cult of personality was in full swing. I have some insight to offer here.…

22 nov. 2022

I don’t know that I’m gonna stop reading Twitter quite yet, but I just don’t think I want to post here anymore. And I don’t wanna replace it with Mastodon or whatever.

Just get a damn RSS aggregator — lots of them are free, and good — and point it at



Mastodon crops images in the timeline to 16:9, but they don’t assume to know which part of the image to show in the crop; the media editor has a good old fashioned focal point tool. They’ll even give you a preview of how your image is going to look in the timeline.


Have you ever forgotten who someone is and why you’re following them?

Not a problem on Mastodon—you can add private, personal notes right on each user’s profile. Not even limited to users you follow!

21 nov. 2022

I’ve seen NeRFs mentioned for a while, and seen impressing videos on Twitter without ever bothering to look into it. This is a great intro to the next step after photogrammetry: instead of creating a 3D model, the algorithm essentially makes a hologram of the scene. Lots of great potential applications demonstrated in the video.

Why THIS is the Future of Imagery (and Nobody Knows it Yet)

Thanks to Bones And All for sponsoring a portion of this video. Check out Bones and All, the new film only in theaters this Thanksgiving. Get tickets now at ...

🧵 (CW: cites examples)


If you put a service on the internet, people are going to use it to hurt each other. Demonstrating you’re aware of the ways they will — and the ways it can hurt you — is table stakes for entry in 2022.


An advertiser explains why they’re pausing their Twitter ads campaigns:

20 nov. 2022


The versatile articulated aerial robot DRAGON can manage aerial manipulation and grasping by vectorable thrust control

[full video: ]

Versatile Articulated Aerial Robot DRAGON: Aerial Manipulation and Grasping by Vectorable Thrust

This is the video for a paper accepted by International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR).Paper URL:…

I’m now all set for Twitter to crash and burn — comments are enabled again on my blog.



While I expect lots of leeway, there is a real scenario in which Apple/Google remove Twitter because of content moderation issues or because Twitter decides to bypass the 15%-30% cuts. Notably, we appear to now know how Apple’s App Store chief feels about the new Twitter.


Elon Musk’s plan to turn Twitter into more of a subscription service threatens to set up a showdown with Apple and Google around app store fees and content moderation

Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

Apple Silicon chips switch to an alternate mode when running under Rosetta 2 in order to implement some rarely used x86 features

A Secret Apple Silicon Extension to Accommodate an Intel 8080 Artifact - Byte Cellar

Lately I’ve been spending time on Mastodon for … reasons. Here’s my link: In my recently active time on the platform, I have found quite a few excellent retrocomputing-related posts by creative members of the community. One such post, … Continue reading →

The content of each post appears four times in the API response, wtf are they doing over there.

Come on, Tumblr, now was not the time to break my importing script by presenting image posts as “text” instead of “photo” in the API 😒

Winter pikachus #MidJourney v4 (it’s getting cold around here)

19 nov. 2022


In 1939, William E. Urschel created a technology very similar to the one used for today’s 3D printed building. He did it behind a small warehouse in Valparaiso, Indiana and called it “Wall Building” machine

[full video: ]

Urschel Wall Building Machine

William Urschel’s demonstration of his "Wall Building" machine. Filmed in Valparaiso, Indiana in the late 1930’s.


We could do it, folks. We could join them. The people who have no idea what the Discourse is. I know some of them! They are HAPPY. I know we all grew up so tragically online that it seems inconceivable but… maybe we could CHANGE

“street photography” in #MidJourney v4 has a strong tendency toward black-and-white but it makes for very nice portraits. (The upscalers don’t seem very well optimized for photography though, you’re better off processing them elsewhere.)

“We’re releasing a new language model designed to help scientists and students. It’s great at summarizing scientific knowledge and at making shit up. Just imagine how useful that can be!” Is this peak machine learning? ?

Why Meta’s latest large language model survived only three days online

Galactica was supposed to help scientists. Instead, it mindlessly spat out biased and incorrect nonsense.


I’m finding Mastodon to be needlessly complicated, and please bear in mind that I have been using Blender since 2003, when it made you answer 3 riddles before you could delete the default cube.