15 avr. 2024

Carmack coming out in support of a neonazi is fucking hilarious as a means of an “apolitical” tech bro burning any remainder of his supposed rep.

Neither of those men was even materially harmed by people discovering their views! One helps murder children! The other isn’t even treated as toxic enough for people to recgonise everyone associated with him as a definite bigot! That’s how pathetically limited the condemnation was

This is why modern movies always have a tech bro as the antagonist.

(Also, the article that prompted these tweets is just the most unflattering thing you could possibly admit to liking.)

14 avr. 2024

Blurry, glitchy images from #genAI work better as surrogate memories than perfect, detailed images! (via

Generative AI can turn your most precious memories into photos that never existed

The Synthetic Memories project is helping families around the world reclaim a past that was never caught on camera.

13 avr. 2024

I did not expect Botany Manor to be _for me_, but it’s the feminist environmental storytelling that hooked me. Very nicely written, sometimes subtle, sometimes brutal. Lady Arabella Greene, you are a gentlewoman and a scholar 🫡

The puzzles are also quite well designed, if a bit simple. That manor is way too sprawling, though. Eat the rich.

I’ve been using an Android phone as an exploratory “how’s the weather over there” test kinda sorta full time for a few days now. I’m going to write a more comprehensive report later, but let me just say this: Apple should be incredibly nervous and much, *much* nicer to third party iOS developers because from my (granted, limited) experience the only thing that truly sets iOS apart from Android these days is third party apps. They are simply nicer in every way on iOS, and so far I haven’t seen a single native (cross platform apps are by definition equally shitty on both platforms) app on Android that was on par or better than an iOS equivalent. But apart from third party apps, I could just pick up an Android phone tomorrow and barely miss a thing. In fact there are some things on Android that I would love to see in iOS as well. So Apple should be on their hands and knees and humbly thank third party developers for their hard work. Instead they alienate devs and act as if people buy iPhones because of Apple. Morale among iOS developers is deteriorating at an ever faster pace. Apple and the iOS platform can’t afford this, but I’m afraid its leadership is so far up their own buttholes that they won’t realize this until it’s too late.

It drives me up the wall when people make this mistake — how hard can it be to just keep the pronoun and see how it agrees with the sentence — and it never occurred to me that it was an over-correction from the way they were taught at school not to *start* a sentence with “Laura and me.”

(I know, caring about grammar and spelling is classist and ableist, but I can’t help it, I’ve been programmed that way.)

Andrew Pontious (

Lol I recently blew the minds of some Discorders. The lesson: you *shouldn’t* always say e.g. “Laura and I”, despite grammar lessons pounding home that "Laura and me" is wrong, because it depends on the placement in the sentence: > Laura and I went to the park. Correct, it’s the subject. > He thanked Laura and I. Wrong, it’s the object. The trick is to remove all but the pronoun. > I went to the park. > He thanked I. It’s clear that I is wrong there, and should be: > He thanked me.

DIY 3D-Printed RC Excavator 😍

3D Printed RC Excavator - DIY

This is a 3D Printed DIY RC Excavator that’s fully functional so don’t waste a moment, break out that 3D Printer and start making your very own RC Excavator!…

12 avr. 2024

A laser sintering printer for $3,000 would be very, very exciting if they actually deliver. (Still expensive, but a very real first step on the path to mass market.) It would be so nice never to have to worry about supports anymore.

How we BUILT a 3D printer that can print ANYTHING!

Micron Desktop SLS 3D Printer, available soon, starting $2999. us on Discord: us on Instag…

11 avr. 2024

I thought I was clever adding auto-generated fields to my MySQL table.

Now duplicating rows is a complete pain in the ass, because of course MySQL is being extraordinarily stupid about it 🤦

10 avr. 2024

Note that just because they know it’s impossible doesn’t mean he isn’t still gonna flip the switch one night and break everything.

I keep waiting for Musk to mandate a service-wide switch to xꓸcom that would inevitably break everything. (Changing the domain name would be a hard problem even if he hadn't fired 90% of the engineering team.) Alas, it looks like they're well aware it's impossible, and I'll only have the satisfaction of seeing them implement hilariously broken workarounds.

X automatically changed ‘Twitter’ to ‘X’ in users’ posts, breaking legit URLs

A scammer’s dream and a disaster waiting to happen.

Reinstalled The Outer Worlds since the free version on Epic includes the DLC I didn’t get via Game Pass (and had no desire to buy). Went through the ship, talking to each character, and had absolutely no recollection of any of them beside Parvati. It probably doesn’t help that Starfield overwrote whatever few memories I had left, but mostly I’d forgotten I just generally don’t enjoy the dialogue in this game.

What did I just say about wasting time on things that don’t generate dopamine?

Those… sand dunes? or just hills, I suppose? remind me of Populous much more than Sim City, and now I 100% want a Populous set.

Hypertalking (

❤️ Holy crap this is at the crossroads of my retro computing obsession and my Lego obsession. My favourite game! In Lego! And it’s all fully modular and rearrangeable. I’m very impressed :-)

I really need to cut down on podcasts. I was away from home for ten days, didn’t listen to a single one, nothing of value was lost, and it felt like each day had a bunch more hours in it.

And you could say that of many things — like my Satisfactory addiction — but the difference is I don’t think most podcasts I listen to generate a *significant* amount of dopamine.

8 avr. 2024

Corridor Crew recreates the sodium vapor process, a proto-greenscreen used in Mary Poppins: Disney won a visual effects Oscar in 1965 for the effect, but lost the custom prism they made to make it possible

This Invention Made Disney MILLIONS, but Then They LOST It!

Squarespace ► Head to to save 10% off your first purchase!Our videos are made possible by Members of CorridorDigital, our…

7 avr. 2024

i think of how The Culture is the fluffy desirable future money-free society written by a socialist, and every book is a case study in liberal colonialism

5 avr. 2024

This is the most boomer thing I’ve ever heard happen at a startup.

Whoa, ship customization in the latest No Man’s Sky update is a huge hassle. Of course it is, they just don’t know how to design a game mechanic any other way 🤦

Hopefully in creative mode you can just do whatever you like — so I'll still have to give it a try (because there are some gorgeous ships in this video).


No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe.Dock your fully customised starship in the sleek new spa…

“Over the weekend, a bug restricted the number of free chats that [Grindr] users could send to people outside their geographic area. It resulted in a surge of subscriptions — about 2,000 a day, compared to the typical 800. As a result, the company is now running a test to further restrict the number of free chats a user can send to someone outside their close vicinity.“ 🤦

(I don't really think Explore should exist but) I wish the DOJ would break up Grindr.

Marissa Mayer’s eternal Sunshine

Behind the rocky launch of a photo-sharing app was a co-founder about to quit and months of employee warnings that its new project wasn’t ready

4 avr. 2024

I’d never thought about that: scammers can style HTML e-mails so that the fraudulent parts are invisible until the message is forwarded — say, by your boss, unwittingly giving the scam a stamp of approval.

(And here I was thinking the only reliable way to style e-mails still was to include the CSS inline.)

Kobold letters – Lutra Security

Anyone who has had to deal with HTML emails on a technical level has probably reached the point where they wanted to quit their job or just set fire to all the mail clients due to their inconsistent implementations. But HTML emails are not just a source of frustration, they can also be a serious security risk.

“To resize a partition with fdisk, delete it and make sure to recreate it starting on the same sector.”

You could have just added a ‘resize’ option, it wouldn’t be very complicated to implement and it would be a lot less stressful to use 😨

3 avr. 2024

If anyone was hoping (or fearing) that third-party App Stores would be able to publish anything they like… as expected, apps only go through a slightly less onerous App Review.

(Not a fan of how much the article goes along with Apple’s FUD.)

A first look at Europe’s alternative iPhone app stores

Is it worth all the trouble?

The Verge article on the best printer in 2024 is just completely brilliant in so many ways.

And also kinda sad.

Best printer 2024, best printer for home use, office use, printing labels, printer for school, homework printer you are a printer we are all printers

After a full year of not thinking about printers, the best printer is still whatever random Brother laser printer that’s on sale.

An interesting look at the choice not to display a score preview in Balatro.

Balatro’s ‘Cursed’ Design Problem

🔴 Get bonus content by supporting Game Maker’s Toolkit - 🔴Balatro is the current game design darling. But even the d…

2 avr. 2024

I did not realise that the Amazon Go/Fresh “just walk out” technology was in fact significantly powered by a thousand people in India manually labelling things. And now it turns out that they can’t actually close the automation gap, they’re ditching it as it’s too expensive?

Amazon Ditches ‘Just Walk Out’ Checkouts at Its Grocery Stores

Amazon Fresh is moving away from a feature of its grocery stores where customers could skip checkout altogether.

I guess the terms of the settlement do imply that it was just “Incognito mode doesn’t protect you from tracking by websites.”

The Incognito Mode Myth Has Fully Unraveled

To settle a years-long lawsuit, Google has agreed to delete “billions of data records” collected from users of “Incognito mode,” illuminating the pitfalls of relying on Chrome to protect your privacy.

Does anyone have a good article delving into the weeds of the Chrome Incognito lawsuit? Because most commentary boils down to “Google’s websites still track you like every website tracks you, duh” but the plaintiffs’ claims are rather less obvious — specifically saying that Google tracks you even if you don’t engage with their sites. It’s hard to tell if it’s as bad as it sounds or just misrepresentations by laymen, and nothing I’ve read has taken much care to clarify the issue.

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