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12 December


The more I read about quantum mechanics, the more convinced I become that our universe is a computer simulation.

The really weird stuff like quantum superposition and entanglement only make intuitive sense if you think of them as rendering artifacts of compute optimizations.

11 December

Why are we, as a society, accepting that the 123 and globe/emoji buttons are reversed when you go from iPhone to iPad?

Horrified to realize that if I hadn’t gone for a dual-filament printer (only to remove the dual-filament head later because it was shit), I could have bought a nice pre-assembled auto-leveling delta printer for the same price.

10 December


Feet or Wheels? Only €480 extra, because of course it requires a whole new chassis frame and isn’t just something you can attach later

9 December


Sometimes I put down my iPad and pick up my iPhone and expect there to be different, more interesting internet on it.

8 December


Moscow police officers illegally “monetize” footage of 175,000 surveillance cameras on forums and messenger groups. For 470$ anyone can have access to facial recognition lookup services. Interestingly enough, they do not work. #facialrecognitionisascam [bleepingcomputer.com]

7 December


The AT&T PC 6300’s demo program was an entire goddamned aesthetic.

6 December

Apple’s Clips app now supports memojis and the results look lovely, but the UI really needs an overhaul. Took me a while to find how to take (and manually save!?) a photo.

Two months in, and Face ID on the iPad Pro is still an absolute pain in the ass.

4 December

There has never been and never will be a more apt use for “Weird flex but ok.”


Men. If women wrote such abbreviated emails, they’d be considered terribly rude. [twitter.com]