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22 November

I’m reorganizing my webdev workflow around Transmit Disk so I guess I now have a bona fide professional reason never to upgrade to Catalina or any future version of macOS 😔


I‘m really glad we delegated this work. Apple is not a good dev partner. [twitter.com]

They’re going to add one character to the “Upgrade” button each day until it takes over the entire internet and I am forced to fork out the additional $2 per month


“Most importantly, I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible”

— Pete Thiel, the go-between helping Trump & Zuckerberg solve the problem of democracy existing. [twitter.com]

Imagine watching dystopian scifi from the eighties and deciding to use your power and fortune to bring that aesthetic to life.

21 November


Correction: This modal only appears the first time someone sees a tweet with hidden replies. After that, it just displays the “hidden replies” icon. [twitter.com]


Not mentioned here: if you hide a reply, Twitter will show a big modal pointing out that the author hid some replies, drawing way more attention than just leaving them alone. [twitter.com]

Every competitor to Feedly I’ve tried either looks straight out the 1990s or isn’t customizable enough.

Feedly has the best UI but keeps wanting to reinvent itself into something “more” than an RSS aggregator 🤦🏻‍♂️

Running an RSS aggregator should be pretty simple:

• be reliable

• make the best UI you can

• charge a subscription

• that’s it

I guess that’s why they removed the option to have a custom background color on the sidebar a while back? So the call-to-action button would stand out more visually?

I’ve paid a subscription to Feedly for five years and, as thanks, I now get a permanent “Upgrade” button on top of my window because they’ve launched a “Pro+” option?


Adding feature flags to betas isn’t the answer. It’ll just add more work.

Keeping the same process but adding extra steps doesn’t generally work.

They need to slow down, only release software when it’s ready, and prioritise quality, documentation and fixing bugs. [twitter.com]


.@Apple changed the course of my life, starting with my first Mac, in 1989. I was so deeply grateful.

I’m not sure I will ever forgive them for this: [youtu.be]

I can’t stop seeing:


Bill Gates just surpassed Jeff Bezos as the richest person on Earth, with a net worth of $110 billion.

I struggled to imagine this huge number, so I animated some bar graphs that put it in proportion with other points of reference. The scale is quite stark.

19 November

I haven’t seen anyone mention the new 16-inch MBP still has the ludicrously large trackpad. Has it really become the new normal (I’m still on a 2013 so haven’t had to get used to it) or are you all just saving that complaint for next year’s model?

So you see, @logitech, what happens when you have a LED conspicuously placed right next to the on/off switch but it does not light up or blink when the device is turned on, is that the customer mistakenly returns the keyboard to Amazon the first time they receive it.

Why does my Google Home speak so much louder than it plays Spotify, for any given volume setting?

18 November


A fascinating look at “electronic warfare” via mysterious GPS spoofing attacks on ships in Shanghai harbour. [technologyreview.com]

16 November

You complain about using Slack in an Electron app, but have you tried working in a CAD app that’s just an embedded web view 🤪

15 November

Oops. I only went to the site to check the printing volume again and mull it over until the next time I had the urge, and now I have a week to figure out ventilation in my workshop.


Emulating Grampa Simpson this morning by writing angry letters to the editor by complaining about how all the kids these days want their technical materials in video format:


14 November

Emptied my iPad’s battery.

Plugged it into my MacBook Pro.

It got enough power to start up, then stopped charging and said “unlock to use accessories.”

This is so absurdly dumb.


I cannot see how there’s a $2bn market for password managers without radically fucking up everything I use a password manager for


It’s a gross indictment of the state of the tech sector that this news, about a massive investment in one of my most-used and most-trusted apps, fills me with dread [techcrunch.com]