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15 October


NEW piece from me: We’re missing the important question about China. The mystery isn’t why Apple and NBA are quick to cave but why the Chinese government threw a fit over minor things—and why now? That answer isn’t obvious but it’s greatly consequential. [theatlantic.com]


Google’s announcing new phones today, so I hope you’ll take a few moments to read how unwitting, mostly black homeless people became part of the Pixel 4’s development process [theatlantic.com]

Are we supposed to believe that the new Nest Mini has better sound than the much bigger Google Home, or should I buy a three-year-old device that is so obsolete they haven’t even bothered to rename it “Nest Something”?

Every year Google’s keynote makes me kinda want to buy a Pixel just as a dedicated camera, but I don’t have that sort of disposable income and switching to Android is a forever nope.

(Okay, not quite forever if Apple keeps its current trajectory.)


Uber passengers don’t wear seatbelts. Nonsmokers vape. Waze clogs streets not meant for heavy traffic. All examples of tech services eroding hard-won public-safety measures, because for tech there is no public, only individuals. @ibogost explains [theatlantic.com]

Power went out. It never occurred to me before but I went to my laptop’s wifi menu to enable tethering and, oh, that’s a real good test of whether the power’s out in the whole building.

14 October


The Programmers’ Credo: we do these things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy

13 October

It’s probably just for users in China, but it doesn’t cost much to disable Fraudulent Website Warning anyway out of principle.


Also, can we assume that only users configured in the Mainland China region are having their data sent to Tencent? That warning is pretty damn broad.

L’article est sur le 11 ouais :) (Le Pro c’est pareil avec le zoom en plus)

12 October


A must-read for prospective Catalyst developers; look at how much thought went into redesigning LookUp for Mac Catalyst, which as a result is one of the nicest Mac-like apps of the launch lineup [medium.com]


Apple Told Some Apple TV+ Show Developers Not To Anger China- hey and don’t mention that Turkey is bad. We sell a lot of watches there. And don’t mention Saudi Arabia murdering journalists- they love the iMac and don’t mention Russia—big iPad market. [buzzfeednews.com]

Digital Photography Review: “iPhone 11’s Portrait Mode sets a high bar for the Pixel 4”

As much as I’ve hated the very idea of portrait mode, I must admit that these test shots all look really good.


My university just announced that it’s dumping Blackboard, and there was much rejoicing. Why is Blackboard universally reviled? There’s a standard story of why “enterprise software” sucks. If you’ll bear with me, I think this is best appreciated by talking about… baby clothes!

Everyone complained about Reminders but no one mentioned that upgrading my phone to iOS 13 would make Shortcuts unavailable on my old device suck on iOS 12. Goddammit, Apple.

10 October

I just love that Apple Pay now fails half the time on my iPhone because Apple didn’t bother to test on non-Face ID phones beyond “yup it runs.”


Apple could have engineered their way out of this conundrum, the same way they engineered their way out of being liable for sharing private user data. Embracing some kind of user-facing side-loading solution would diminish the impact of Apple’s own authoritative power over users. [twitter.com]

9 October

“The Obvious UI Is Often the Best UI”

The good side of Google’s obsession with usage metrics: a bunch of useful stats you can whip out at your next UI design meeting.

I just happened upon a Half-Life 2 screenshot and suddenly realized why playing with an iPhone 11’s ultra-wide camera in the store felt so trippy: with the fisheye distortion magicked away in post-processing, the phone turns reality into a first-person game.

8 October

Honestly didn’t expect to be approved with these release notes. I guess I left them suitably vague. Or too vague.


Man arrested for stalking, attacking female Japanese “idol” performer says he found out where she lived by examining reflection of her surroundings on her eyeball in photos of her posted online. [twitter.com]


If you thought only Apple had been making some crazy OS choices lately…