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14 December


You don’t have to buy a new iMac Pro to improve Swift compile times, you can just switch back to Objective-C. There, saved you $15,000.

I keep scrolling in Tweetbot for Mac and thinking “oh my god it’s so smooth” for a second before remembering it’s the iPhone that used to stutter.

With this hidden throttling bullshit I’m kinda feeling disgust at the idea of ever giving Apple money again. So that’s awesome.

Second time I change an iPhone 6’s battery and those adhesive strips are still assholes but INSTAGRAM IS SCROLLING SMOOTHLY AGAIN. (Ish. Feels like they preload images a bit late? But scrolling used to overwhelm the proc so much it would misjudge swipes and skip entire screens.)


I would not be surprised to find that some iMac Pro owners sell their space black accessories for a tidy profit on eBay.

12 December

Twitter “introduces” threads

1. Encouraging tweetstorms is bad

2. But hiding them behind a “read more” link is great

3. But god knows what will happen in third-party clients

4. It’s y’all’s fault in perpetuity for rejecting the 10,000-word attachment idea

How does a bitcoin crash work if the slightest activity on the market already means transactions take hours to process?


I can’t find lightning headphones this morning so I’m walking to work playing music on my old 6S. I’ve been forced to invent the iPod. This is the dumbest thing that has ever happened to me


Inside and Gorogoa are now available to pre-order on the App Store, in what appears to be a brand new system Apple has rolled out to allow people to pre-order upcoming iOS games and apps: [toucharcade.com] by @hodapp

11 December


Jeff Bezos is worth $100 billion

10 December

It’s presumably intended as a workaround for devices going from 60% to shutdown in a few minutes after the iOS 10 update, but I’m gonna be hard-pressed for arguments the next time someone cries “planned obsolescence.”

According to CPU DasherX (free on the App Store) the 6 Plus I’m using runs at 840MHz, while the 6 whose battery I replaced in February goes a full 1.4GHz 😨


OK Waze this is impressive as hell

9 December

My iPhone has become so unresponsive while playing music I think I’m gonna look for an iPod nano to borrow.

“Apple’s widened ban on templated apps is wiping small businesses from the App Store”

There’s an app for that, they said. And users eagerly forgot about websites, so that if you didn’t have a presence on the App Store you might as well not exist.

8 December


“Bubbles are mathematically impossible in this new paradigm.” is like a bad parody of the type of thing people say during a bubble. [twitter.com]


If you weren’t enough of a risk-taker to buy bitcoin at $30, you also aren’t enough of a risk-taker to not have sold it the minute you had multiplied your holdings ten-fold, so don’t beat yourself up over hypotheticals

It’s funny how we were all a little worried about High Sierra’s switch to APFS and it seems to be the only thing they didn’t screw up. (Talking general OS reliability, not mis-attributed UI fields in Disk Utility.)

7 December


Check out the crazy origami Ethernet port on this new Fujitsu laptop (yeah they’re back making laptops now)

6 December


Via @heatherrivers, an anonymous Microsoft quote about the fuckery of stack ranking

daaaaamn 😂

5 December


I’m trialling a new experimental laptop from Apple. The return of USB-A and SD Card slot is genius. Touch screen and pencil support is surprisingly useful. Touch bar is gone but I won’t miss it. Face ID is 👌

The new logo on the back is an odd step but I could get used to it.


(i.e. an 8-hour MacBook [Pro] starts looking a lot less attractive beside a Windows-on-ARM device with a 24-hour battery & LTE)


En très gros :

Google : vend de la pub et des données.

Apple : vend ses produits cher.

Facebook : vend de la pub et des données sur d’autres canaux.

Amazon : vend les produits des autres.


En vrai je vais pas m’autoquoter, mais il faut cesser de dire « GAFA », ça amène à une confusion qui confine a l’absurde et biaise les analyses : croire que 4 entreprises font la même chose et ont les mêmes intérêts commerciaux.

It’s bad enough that iTunes’ entire album view flashes distractingly every time the track changes — but why on earth does it flash twice.

4 December


One of my favorite samples from the Progressive GANs paper is this one from the “cat” category. Apparently some of the cat training photos were memes with text. The GAN doesn’t know what text is so it has made up new text-like imagery in the right place for a meme caption.


2016: Should have bought some Bitcoin

2017: Should have bought some Kittens


My daughter is 5. I don’t want her to have this, and I don’t want her friends to badger her into getting it. This is expanding the Network Effect of Facebook (& all its concomitant pitfalls) into childhood. It’s gross. [twitter.com]


The biggest casualty to AI won’t be jobs, but the final and complete eradication of trust in anything you see or hear. [research.nvidia.com]

3 December

Of course the batteries are glued to the case, why wouldn’t they, so I can’t risk trying to remove them and run the computer off the mains.

Fuck. It just dawned on me that my four-year-old MacBook Pro has been swelling over the last few weeks. (Or much longer if my issues with the trackpad’s button were the first symptom.) It’s awesome because I’m kinda broke right now.


With iOS 11 and the iPhone X there are so many crazy-making inconsistencies across devices it’s a real hindrance to friction-free work.

The most frequently used gesture (swipe up) does three different things depending on the device . Total muscle memory fail.

2 December


I was once told it would have to be a real damn emergency to release an iOS version on a weekend, so, here we are… 😂 iOS 11.2! 🎉


Latest macOS update has a “month 13” bug now that it’s December that’ll trash your battery life 🤔 [robservatory.com]

I reflexively installed 11.2 as soon as I saw it was available. What could go wrong. It’s not like they also rushed that update overnight, to fix a bug that was putting thousands of phones in a reboot loop.

1 December


Merely unlocking my phone causes podcast audio to skip

30 November

I’ve stuck my AirPort Express to the wall, with the wires running down, and the Apple logo is upside down. Egregious design fail.


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