Hi! My name is Cédric Bozzi, I make websites and iOS apps, and this is my blog about technology (mostly a Twitter archive, really).

8 October

I complained for years about the iOS keyboard not changing case, and now that it does the effect’s so subtle I never actually see it.

Wouldn’t it go against the laws of physics for the 16nm iPhone CPU to be that much less power-hungry than the 14nm? We need a lot more data.

7 October

RT @viticci: Apple now says “no policy change”, likely a temporary bug (my speculation). [toucharcade.com]

RT @JeremiahLee: Neat! @Moo now has biz cards with NFC. Too bad designers won’t get excited about it until Apple deems NFC cool.


Only way to make users pay for an update is to create a new app, AND removing the obsolete app from sale kills redownloads: AWESOME combo!

6 October

Just remembered the main reason I wanted my Hue lights in HomeKit was the Watch’s Hey Siri; I don’t have a Watch anymore, problem solved.

@sophie_paxtonUX/your-ui-isn-t-a-disney-movie-703f7fbd24d2">“Your UI isn’t a Disney Movie”

What is up with my Hue lights changing one after the other instead of simultaneously, since the latest firmware update?

RT @maryjofoley: Here’s more of the Surface Book pricing. Ranges all the way up to $2,699. Updated post: [zdnet.com] #Windows10devices

The new Microsoft Band is what Apple would have released if Ive didn’t have a hard-on for gold watches.

Apple a trouvé mon point faible, je suis prêt à tout, retirer ma contestation, devenir développeur Android…

5 October

And you better believe that I’d rather have gotten back to Quicksilver or Alfred, but I tried, and I just can’t.

I’m finally making progress on rewriting my personal Quicksilver/Alfred clone, which El Capitan finally broke for good.

4 October

Not a fan at all of the low information density in Apple’s latest page designs, e.g. [developer.apple.com] or [safari-extensions.apple.com]

Every time I go to add a brand new podcast in Pocket Casts, the directory search finds it immediately and it never fails to astound me.

What’s the benefit of Safari View Controller in a non-malicious app anyway, when a malicious app could just as well make a fake Safari VC? #LastRT

RT @tapbot_paul: Safari View Controller is the “right” way to handle OAuth login, but with Blockers and Cookie Settings it’s failing for many. Tough choice.

RT @violetblue: Why I’m sitting at home crying on a Saturday afternoon - I have to come clean: I just lied to two people I… [tmblr.co]

To clarify, whenever I complain about this, I’m not talking about day-one iPhone 6s buyers — but people who’ll get a 3D Touch-enabled iPhone in two years (or six months) without knowing anything about it.

3 October

Is there a difference between arguing a rejection within the Resolution Center, and appealing to the App Review Board? Seems both take 24h.

2 October

Tweetbot’s text field recomposing for every letter you type because its width is tied to the char counter’s — are you fucking kidding me?

Since upgrading to El Cap I’m having lots of issues with Safari just failing to load pages. Is it just me? I don’t want to switch to Chrome.

RT @graouts: OS X El Capitan shipped, you can now integrate Force Touch Events in your web page on #safari 9! #JavaScript #HTML5 [developer.apple.com]

1 October

As usual, looks like a reviewer misunderstanding what the rule means.

App update rejected because the keyboard extension mentions the IAP required to unlock full functionality.

Not a great feeling buying a $5 update to a Twitter app I only use because I dislike the other options more.

Now, the difficult question: do I trust iCloud enough to put stuff in Notes that I actually care about, and would mind losing?

30 September

Which do we want first, though — longer tweets or editable tweets? And does it even make any sense to have the former without the latter?

So long, Apple Music. All I asked of you was a way to bookmark tracks without fucking up my entire music library with iCloud.

Ever since I’d heard of Chrome’s pinned tabs I’d assumed that they reappeared in new windows. The word “pinned” implies permanence.

29 September

RT @WillOremus: This is such a patently absurd idea that it’s either a red herring or Twitter is more lost than anyone suspected. [pic.twitter.com]

It’s still a damn shame though that you can’t filter notifications per app, so I’m keeping an eye out for affordable Android Wear models.

I’m adjusting quite well to the original Pebble as a dumb wrist buzzer. I don’t have such an active life that I need a remote for my phone.

RT @lgorithm: In nicer news, an open source clone of Slack has finally emerged [zulip.org]

28 September

Twenty minutes figuring out why my app didn’t detect the Apple TV’s remote. I’d started the app from Xcode so the remote wasn’t connected.

26 September

“Marked as duplicate of #18376933”

Mine was #18330633 and completely ignored.

My feelings are hurt, Radar.

GCHQ has the coolest codenames, though.

24 September

I should have watched the WWDC session about Stack Views sooner #ohshit

RT @michelmcbride: VW was chosen randomly for the study that discovered the emission fraud ie. every other car company is doing it too [twitter.com]

23 September

Bon, je n’arrive pas à configurer l’UI de l’app, mais au moins j’ai les icônes


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