15 August


The smartphone is everything from communication to banking to camera to credit card to medical device to navigation to game platform. It doesn’t play in the same arena as games consoles; it doesn’t even play in same arena as desktop computers — it’s far more important than the PC

14 August


There’s a new macOS malware targeting developers via an infected Xcode project.

It fully compromises the browser to steal… everything it can




Ban me from the internet before it’s too late.

The GPT-3 blog that fooled Hacker News

Of course the AI is just rehashing and paraphrasing similar articles it’s read — but how often do human brains exhibit pure creativity?

13 August


The Fornite unicorn is now the official symbol of devs against dumb App Store policies.


more lawsuits should have launch trailers

My iPad will use absolutely any excuse to stop Overcast’s playback and never resume.


If nothing else this proves that App Review is mostly security theater, any bad actor can quite easily put in remotely enabled code that they’ll never catch. [twitter.com]


Epic is not just bypassing Apple’s in-app payment (i.e. iOS rules), it’s telling users to do so to save money

Epic is effectively daring Apple to shut down the Fortnite iOS app - and anger millions of users.

(Apple’s prior verbiage suggests app would be pulled for “safety”) [twitter.com]

12 August

I don’t think you can sell a $1,400 device with bezels like these. Presumably that’s a consequence of wanting to make it as thin as possible (so they needed some room to place the thicker components), but I really think that’s a mistake.

11 August


(Also how do we not have Siri as a persona in Messages yet, with a transcript history?)


If you’ve ever wondered how QR codes are made, this interactive site shows each step of how they’re built. Way more complex than I’d imagined! [nayuki.io]


NEW VIDEO - Dope Tech: Boston Dynamics Spot Robot!


10 August


The open web is clearly a problem for Apple, no way to grab money off other’s people work there. [twitter.com]

9 August

I finally reinstalled TikTok because of the whole kerfuffle, and I don’t even know why I deleted it the first time — it’s been so fast to learn my preferences and show me 99% videos of huskies arguing with their humans 😍

8 August


This is just absurd. iOS is not a console; please do not peddle this Apple PR garbage. They’ve explicitly positioned the iPad as a computer, and only claim otherwise when it fits their (increasingly delusional) narrative about the App Store [twitter.com]

7 August


Dear @tim_cook and @pschiller: Apple isn’t allowing Xbox’s app on iOS because you “can’t approve each game individually.” Can you share the logs where Apple reviews each YouTube video before allowing YouTube’s app on iOS? Or each Amazon product? Or each Netflix show? Thanks.


So, taking all precautions, I open the PDF file in the virtual machine with no Internet connection.


It’s not an attack. The idiots have sent the bill exactly as the scammers do!

That is why we can’t end phishing…


My mom: I got the monthly bill from the mobile provider. But I can’t open it.

Me: Why not?

Mom: It’s in a ZIP file protected with a password.

Me confidently: Oh, this is a common trick. Scammers send malware like this to bypass e-mail gateway scanners.

Mom: Take a look.