2 March


wait.. what? Intel has secret super high frequency processors with no warranty… specifically for wall street stock traders? 😵 [anandtech.com]

28 February


Inside Apple, we used to call something like this a ”turd”. For many years, we aimed for this goal: ”No turds.” [twitter.com]

25 February


sadly we must turn off the ability to QT people in order to kill the awful meme format that’s just a chain of bad QTs with a banal prompt

24 February


wow almost like everyone saying over the past 10 years that everything boston dynamics develops would eventually be militarized and turned against us was right! [twitter.com]

23 February

I never anticipated buying a 3D printer (or two) would make me pine for a true workshop full of woodworking power tools. YouTube DIY channels contributed, but it’s just addictive to be able to turn ideas into objects, and you can’t build an armchair with an Ender 3.


Original Daft Punk helmets under construction by Alterian Inc.


Is it really unintended when we have many previous misuses of social media campaigns targeting black people?

YouTube had a highlight a week ago for black youtubers and you guessed it their comment sections got swarmed with racist trolls. It’s not new and it keeps happening. [twitter.com]


Daughter 1 was taking an exam today being proctored by some type of software that apparently was not tested on dark skin. She had to open her window, turn on the lights, and then shine a flashlight over her head to be detectable. 😡😡😡

22 February


The legal regime for collective bargaining in the United States is so fucked [twitter.com]

Oh my god look at this adorably awful ESP32 kit 😍