21 October

Ooh, Photoshop’s neural filters are nice. It’s great that we don’t need to send our selfies to some unknown Chinese entity with dubious motives anymore in order to make ourselves look younger. (We only have to send them to Adobe’s servers instead.)


I noticed my MacBook would sometimes become unresponsive to keyboard input after opening the lid.

Eventually I realized it only happened in my backyard. WTF?!

Finally figured out why and the answer is… horrifying: [news.ycombinator.com]

20 October

A while back I used to use a javascript library that took a <table> from the DOM and used its data to create a chart. It looks like no one does this anymore (you have to put the data in the javascript yourself), but… that way made sense? Didn’t it?

17 October

15 October

14 October


I used to enjoy Apple’s fancy designed Apple Store pages for their products. But these latest ones for the iPhones are terrible.

It’s so over designed it is like Apple wants me to scroll through a product video advert.


This looks like a fun build!

The Cubli: a cube that can jump up, balance, and ‘walk’ [youtu.be]

13 October

The Twitter web app crashed when I tried to switch accounts and now it just refuses to load, even if I reload Firefox. Remember when web pages were just pages?

Finally a set of cheap(er) earbuds with (first-generation) AirPods technology

I’ll probably be buying these for listening to podcasts when my AirPods die (which seems like it’ll be soon).


Was iOS 7 created in Microsoft Word? 😂 [m.youtube.com]

(Yes I preferred the original skeumorphic design, yes I miss the 1976-2011 Apple and yes I’m nostalgic.)

If I bought new, there’d be the temptation to get the smallest model because I miss small phones… but on the other hand I do enjoy editing my photos on a bigger screen. And doing stuff on a smaller screen is kinda what I bought an LTE Watch for, isn’t it.

It’s the first time in ages I’d be interested in a brand new iPhone (instead of buying secondhand from friends) and that’s entirely because of the iPhone 4-like design. Good thing I can’t afford it.

As for the HomePod mini, it could be an interesting alternative for the Ikea Symfonisk I’ve been planning to buy… if Apple and/or Philips hadn’t decided that HomeKit should not be able to control third-party bulbs connected to a Hue bridge.

I shouldn’t be surprised, because all of the hardware components were known, but the idea of LiDAR-powered autofocus is what’s grabbing my imagination. Even though I shoot video absolutely never.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is exactly as thick as the regular Pro, so there can’t be a physical reason for the top photo hardware to be available only on the biggest phone, can there? Have to imagine it would eat a tiny bit into the margins, but it’s such an annoying restriction.


Apple just introduced a smaller iPhone by bragging that “it fits in your hand“


There’s something charmingly nostalgic about tech reporters live-tweeting an Apple event like we’re in the Before Times. Feels like our version of the guys who put on tricorn hats and re-enact the Constitutional Convention.

I really don’t understand the benefit in reminding every MacBook user how much they miss MagSafe.

Only took ten years to get back to the best design of all: iPhone 4.


Always love portions of the Apple event where they unveil products almost identical to those of at least two major competitors and pretend that they just miraculously invented these devices out of thin air.


This is the OmniVision OV6948, the world’s smallest camera has just famously entered the Guinness Book of Records, measuring just 0.575 x 0.575 x 0.232mm: it’s good for 40,000-pixel color images using an RGB Bayer back-side-illuminating chip [ow.ly]