10 July


The Spotify outage is not funny people. We lost almost $0.0000000073 during the 2 hour outage.

I don’t often use my iPad Pro to edit photos, but when I do, I really want to throw it out the window. Whether using Affinity or Photoshop.

9 July


Google encouraged employees to challenge people who didn’t look like they belong there as a security program.

Since few employees are Black or Latinx this became a sanctioned form of racial profiling.

Even tech geniuses can’t help creating racist systems


Did the latest App Store Connect redesign completely remove the stats on how many people updated your app? 😳

8 July


Tired: Speaker view

Wired: Gallery view

Inspired: This crazy new Microsoft Teams view that puts you at the front of a virtual classroom or cafe [protocol.com]

7 July

6 July

App Store Connect asking for screenshots on an old iPad Pro model that isn’t installed (by default) in Xcode’s simulators

I can’t seem to find a clear writeup of the ways Apple will fuck up my main iTunes library if I enable this in order to bookmark an Apple Music playlist 🤔

5 July

Oh, I completely forgot that I installed Catalina earlier this week in order to publish my iOS 13 updates. As soon as I installed I went to App Store Connect, created the update, realized I needed to redo the screenshots, and gave up 😅

4 July


The most consistent pattern I’ve seen in 25 years of tech:

1. A group of guys gets together to start a social thing.

2. They invite all their other guy friends who are just like them.

3. They wonder why their place got so toxic so fast.

4. They decide it’s other people’s fault.

3 July