22 October


All you have to do to get this Very Trustworthy Coin is give us a high resolution scan of your retinas for the world’s biggest biometrics database!!!

But hey free money! We swear it’s not creepy!


The twitter clone is really called “Truth”? (Правда)

You just can’t parody this because reality is now more obscene than fiction. [twitter.com]

21 October


Aside from destroying the climate, this is the impact of NFT on the world: Ethical developers/artists take their generative art software down to ensure it’s not used to create NFTs


20 October

Seriously, I’d be somewhat interested in running Android apps on my laptop (for lack of an M1 running iOS apps) but, um, did it really have to be the Amazon app store?


“Apple was and still is expecting people to do free QA work for them without any obligation from their side.” [twitter.com]

19 October

Shame that the smaller, cheaper Pixel 6 doesn’t include the telephoto camera. I mean, the Pro is still much cheaper than an iPhone 13 Pro, but who wants to carry around a 6.7” phone? (Many people, I know.)

18 October


this is how the menu bar with lots of items wraps around the notch

It always amazes me that Facebook Marketplace refuses to implement one of the most useful things you could do with a social graph: restricting your listing or your search to friends of friends in order to minimize (somewhat) the risk of being scammed.

I’m gonna need to suspend my tech Twitter for two months so I’m not confronted every single day with reminders that I want the new portable supercomputer.


As per the new macOS 12 page on [Apple.com], the Safari redesign is toast on macOS and iPadOS! Compact tab bar mode is still an option, but regular tabs are back!

WTF not only are the starting prices reasonable, but the minimum configuration has a 512GB SSD what is happening it wasn’t supposed to be this way.

It’s wild that in fifteen years and two architecture changes, we’ve gone from “Macs have subpar hardware but the software is too good to pass” to “macOS is getting worse and worse but you can’t say no to such performance.”

Shit, I didn’t expect the starting prices to be reasonable, that’s terrible news for a hypothetical person who does not want to buy one!

“Endure Siri voice control for your music and we’ll knock 50% off your subscription” is… a… concept.


A scary story for Halloween.

“What if the GPU performance per watt of the new Macs is so good, they are impossible to buy because of crypto bros?”

I remember struggling last time to find how you’re supposed to watch the live event on Apple TV, but I have no memory of how I eventually managed. Did I just give up and open YouTube?

17 October


These robots look super-vulnerable to normal wear & tear.

They look even more vulnerable to a super-soaker filled with common household items like salt, vinegar, & just a lil dish soap. Maybe with a lil diatomaceous earth to bump up the scrubbing power.


Apple has turned the magic of software development from “How cool would this be?” to “How cool would Apple be with this?” [twitter.com]

Oops, I wish I hadn’t happened upon the news that Anycubic’s Photon Mono X is on sale.

So much more volume! So much more speed! I haven’t used my resin printer in months already! But it’s only 500€ right now!

I still love my iPad mini 6 more than any of its predecessors but damn the #NYTCrossword Sundays are realllly small 👴🏻🔎

16 October


Companies are like “we had to fire this activist and it has nothing to do with their activism it’s because they used the wrong email signature.”

One could argue that if you didn’t manually enable encryption you don’t care about it, but it’s still a bit weird that Microsoft stored the recovery key in my online account without telling me. I know it’s an option with FileVault on Mac, but it’s not a silent default, is it?

hate that notched iPhones lost the network activity indicator. Can’t easily see if your Instagram story is done uploading, or 1Password has finished syncing. The system indicator was so much more convenient than waiting for each app dev to fail to update their UI.

Thankfully you can choose to print it instead, and Windows 10 has learned enough from OS X to offer to print to PDF.

BitLocker was enabled by default, nice. Figured I’d export the recovery key to 1Password? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Not allowed to save it on C:, presumably so I don’t leave it there with a false sense of security. Forced to export to a USB key that will forever remember the data even after deletion 🤦🏻‍♂️

Oh no I’ve updated Safari on my Mac

Of all the steps involved in my weaning off of Apple’s ecosystem, leaving the Music app hits me right in the nostalgia. I think I started using iTunes before I got my first Mac — and I was so happy to get a glimpse of Aqua controls and brushed metal backgrounds on my PC 😔

Deleting tracks by batches in the Music app as I’m moving my library to the NAS, and appreciating its effort to break monotony by changing the sequence of confirmation prompts at random.

15 October


i hate how obvious it is that netflix clearly ran the numbers and decided the risk of bad press/membership loss was going to be negligible compared to the gains from spreading transphobic content

i hope folks make enough of a stink that the gamble blows up in their face


My TL a few tweets apart.

Nobody does firing in retaliation as well as big tech corporations