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18 June

No crypto mining, no intentionally expensive proof-of-work wasting immense amounts of energy; just a bunch of people and entities contributing processing power because they want the system to work. (Which seems to be how Libra works? tho it’ll be more centralized and for profit.)

I’ve had this idea for a while but am in no way capable of implementing it: a decentralized social network (i.e. Mastodon) with a global user directory on the blockchain. Your identity is secure, you can change servers any time. (Could also work for email?)

16 June

Since I’ve uninstalled Dropbox my Mac manages to reboot completely instead of getting stuck on a black screen 😲︎


The music site Genius says it can prove Google is scraping its content— by examining the apostrophes [wsj.com]

I enabled iCloud Photos two days ago. Yesterday I made a second mistake, pausing the upload at 20% then resuming; the progress bar has been at zero since.

15 June

Designers hate information density and Pocket’s new web version only shows five and a half items on my Mac’s screen in list view. So much white space, so many blank thumbnails. Guess I’ll check back with Instapaper?

Nope, four and a half articles on screen 🤦🏻‍♂️

14 June


Of course Apple’s solution to that is just to limit what users are ever allowed to do, even after jumping through all the permission prompts (as SIP and the like show)


macOS has become the OS of permission prompts and password entry fields.

Someone really needs to point out to Apple continually asking users for the system password is a security anti-pattern.

In the end user get so used to it they just type it an whenever asked without thinking

13 June


What I love about Apple Sign-In is that even if it fails, it’s likely everyone else is going to copy it—and we can finally undo the mess of email-addresses-as-identity [theverge.com]

12 June

Why is the root level of iCloud Drive a mess of per-application folders 🤦🏻‍♂️


There’s nothing more on message than announcing you’ve ruined the simplicity of Dropbox with a blog post that takes 22 MB to load.


I never wanted to rely on Box because I was certain they would someday renege on the lifetime free 50GB I got when I bought a webOS tablet a century ago, but somehow they still haven’t.

Doesn’t look like I can cancel Dropbox auto-renewal without immediately losing my 2TB. My subscription is annual, and renewed in April. Still might do it, because I’m tired of their bullshit.


Every app will grow until it includes… messaging, and a full browser.

I freaking loved Dropbox. A magical, unobtrusive folder that synced and was easily shared.

But Steve Jobs was right, that’s a feature not a product, so they had to bloat it if they wanted to stay independent. [twitter.com]


Don’t call nazis nazis on this site. Or you’ll be banned. For saying nazis.

The nazis, of course, can stay. Because they’re not saying nazis.

This is a good system.

11 June


I’m going to spoil it for you because it’s so damn important.

Microsoft did a scientific study - based on MS Vista code and found that the best predictor of bugs was:


More people = worse code

More departments = worse code

Higher turnover = worse code

10 June


I love seeing original Broadway shows when I’m in NYC and can get tix. It’s great that they’re live. But the original casts/productions are geographically & financially out of reach of most people. It’s elitist. So, a streaming service isn’t a bad idea. [cnet.com]

I know (or… I suppose?) they’re checking for UTF8 compatibility, but sometimes I glance at the address bar and wonder how I ended up summoning Amazon’s demonic branch.

I have one space with a multi-column Tweetbot window, and one space with a detached Tweetbot column side-by-side with Firefox (I’m using full/split-screen more and more). I keep Cmd-W-ing the Tweetbot column and having to repeat the whole setup because I meant to close a tab.

8 June


We’ve all been targeting 10k steps a day because some Japanese pedometer company thought the character for 10,000 (万) looks like a person walking… [twitter.com]


I hadn’t heard anything about Project Soli, Google’s radar-based hand tracker, for years. Was starting to worry it never made it out of skunkworks, but apparently it’s been cleared by the FCC. Could be a big step towards mobile gestural input.


7 June


I wonder if SwiftUI’s declarative nature would enable custom watch faces on watchOS without Apple having to run your app constantly or have it show stale data when presented

6 June


When you sit in a crowded meeting room you’re basically just marinating in the exhaled gases of your colleagues. Research is starting to shed some light on what this does to your brain [washingtonpost.com]


There’s now a subreddit that’s populated entirely by neural nets who are themselves simulating other subreddits.

They’re sometimes kind to each other, sometimes awful, and they keep trying to ban each other’s posts.



Sidecar in macOS Catalina Brings Touch Bar Controls to Non-Touch Bar Mac Users [macrumors.com] by @waxeditorial

5 June


Gotta say, with (somewhat obfuscated) mouse support coming to iPadOS, I am severely tempted. (From [reddit.com])


At this point iPadOS is so full of undiscoverable gestures and tricks it feels like we have long past the point where trying to avoid the complexity of a file system, window manager and system menu has led to a much more complex patchwork of ‘simple’ alternatives.


This is a gut reaction but I still don’t think multitasking on iPad is really ‘fixed’. I think the core problems remain, and the new capabilities also introduce overlay additional complexity to the same (flawed, imo) spatial model.


Apple has removed all the VR-related artwork and marketing material from their product pages. If nothing is announced tonight, or in the session schedule after the keynote, VR on the Mac is most likely dead.

Damn, it had never occurred to me that the Finder could group files by color. It’s not perfect but it almost makes up for having moved color indicators to a small, unassuming, utterly useless dot all those years ago.

4 June


If Batman was real, he’d probably be exactly like Elon Musk.

Bruce Wayne would throw an online tantrum where he calls Commissioner Gordon a pedophile because he didn’t ok his plan to rescue the mayor in an armored bat suit, and Wayne Enterprises would lose stock value overnight.


Using a mouse with the #iPadPro on #iOS13 is a truly transformative experience. The level of customisations is already incredible. This is what you can do with a 5 buttons #logitech mouse /cc @viticci @stroughtonsmith


Good thread on the Mac Pro and who it’s for [twitter.com]


“Strong Customer Authentication” rules are like GDPR for ecommerce: huge changes but awareness & industry preparedness is low.

Retailers & payment processors like Amazon, Worldpay & Stripe worry that billions of euros of online sales could disappear


TIL podcasts in China are a seven-billion-dollar industry, mostly from subscription revenue

I wonder if the ubiquity of mobile micropayments plays a part, making it possible for listeners to pay for individual episodes before deciding to subscribe.


As someone who tried to get Sign in with your Microsoft account to happen during the Windows 8 era, I’m quite familiar with how much of a hurdle it is to provide enough value to sites/apps that they adopt an identity solution.

Apple being able to mandate adoption is the killer.


We entered WWDC without Apple offering a modular desktop that meets our needs, and we’re leaving WWDC without Apple offering a modular desktop that meets our needs. They clearly don’t have enough developers in their focus group, so the Mac Pro is a major failure in that respect [twitter.com]


Hahaha absolutely fucking not! Thank you iOS 13 for your improved privacy! 💖💖💖


Impressive for Apple to announce “Sign in with Apple” is mandatory if your app uses Facebook or Google sign-in on the day FTC & DOJ decide to start paying more scrutiny to big tech. [twitter.com]


If it was built on top of a normal imperative UI framework you could drop down to the real power of a normal framework instead of dancing through hundreds of hoops to make it work.

I’m fearful this will regress iOS UI into more bland plain simple UIs even further than iOS7.


I’m actually incredibly disappointed that SwiftUI seems to be a new UI framework, not written on top of UIKit.

Declarative UI frameworks are great for simple straight forward UIs that fully their preconceptions. But if you want to violate those they are a massive pain!


This is a computer for movie studios to buy in bulk for employees, not for the independent professional. The independent professional is the demographic that built Apple, but also the one that has been neglected by Apple the most and it seems like that trend will continue.


This is a fascinating iOS 13 feature. So it seems like your iPhone will charge to 80%, then finish the last 20% just in time for you to wake up #WWDC19


(This is a prop for their AR showcase of the internals)


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