Hi! My name is Cédric Bozzi, I make websites and iOS apps, and this is my blog about technology (mostly a Twitter archive, really).

20 March

I’d forgotten how dumb it is that there are two levels of 3D Touch on the iPhone’s screen. Thank god Instagram is smart enough to have the same action on long-press and semi-push, even if that’s not Apple’s UX recommendation.


Ok, look, whether or not it’s a “breach” is irrelevant to whether Facebook is culpable or has bad policies. But it’s not pedantic nitpicking to want reports to get this right. It’s important that people understand it’s a policy problem and not some isolated security issue. [twitter.com]

So I guess people are thinking, if mining becomes illegal for most people then BTC will be more valuable.

Who’s gonna be processing your transactions, genius?

I wasn’t enthusiastic about getting an iPhone with a white face, but it works out fine with grayscale mode — even more paper-like. Shame it doesn’t have True Tone.

19 March

Since I’m evidently done with my Apple boycott I just bought a used 7 Plus and 1) I’m in love with the live photo effects and 2) I immediately started thinking about remaking my apps with ARKit goddammit sometimes being a developer means you just can’t help yourself.

Mobile hardware wasn’t quite up to the task in 2009, but you could pretty easily and cheaply have a decent phone or tablet running webOS in 2018. Oh, be still, my heart.

18 March


I love this aqua version of the WWDC 2018 graphic @deplaatjesmaker made. Serious throwback.


The truth is Facebook not only allowed but facilitated data sweeps of your friends by shady apps since it was made.

Do you know how many co’s harvested & sold detailed profiles on you?

How many friends traded your data to play FarmVille or find out which Kardashian they are?

I’ve added a third-party smart plug to my Philips Hue setup (to control a big, bright LED panel) and the relay’s mechanical noise really bothers me. Reminds me every time of a capacitor burning out or a hard drive crashing, and takes a lot away from the electronic magic.


Google Lens, you had one job.


The work that CA is accused of doing—building “psychographic profiles” based on demographics and online behavior in order to figure out how to segment and market to a vulnerable population—is a succinct description of how Facebook makes money.


Emoji are a globalist conspiracy to make English speaking programmers care about Unicode.

17 March

Am I doing something wrong or is there seriously just one Celsius style for Instagram’s weather sticker?

16 March


You can tell FB’s algorithm changes kicked in because all the partisan meme factories immediately switched from “like and share” to “type yes”

In completely unrelated news, my right ear is a bit sore when I have the AirPod in (from all the double-tapping to fast-forward through podcasts).

Established scientifically with the help of a friend — by comparing verbal impressions and listening to leakage in a crowded McDonald’s — that my ears are optimally formed for AirPods and it would have been a crime not to buy them.


You can have the best password hygiene in the world, but you will one day type your password into a text message with your friends and nothing will save you.

I haven’t been able to use my Watch in five days because I’m away from home and Apple never deigned to make a portable charger that just plugs into a Lightning cable.

14 March

I’m suddenly hyper-aware of every sidewalk grate I walk on and could lose my AirPods through.


“People are sick of the Federal Reserve, sick of bailouts, sick of inflation. You know what we need? Internet money with the usability of PGP and the stability of BART service”

13 March

That’s… a lot of lickable UI elements. Either it’s gonna be the most joyous WWDC in five years or they’re just torturing us. And my money’s on heartless gratuitous torture.

12 March

“iPhone X/8: Wireless charging will wear out the battery faster than cable charging”

I’ve read conflicting info on whether the iPhone uses the battery while the cable is plugged in but, if this is true, it’s a pretty important thing to know.

My Mac detects my Watch before I try to log in and remembers that it was locked at the time, even if it isn’t now.

If I’m not wearing my Watch, it takes several seconds to realize that and display a password prompt.

How can both these things be true in the same implementation.

11 March

10 March


I really want a “tinder but for yelp” app. People keep asking me to pick dinner and brunch spots and I generally find this to be too much work and anxiety. I just want to mindlessly swipe until I find something.


Real-time photogrammetry with #ARKit

9 March


But Swarm’s 0.25U satellites were too small for the FCC, which denied launch permission citing concerns about tracking and collision avoidance. Apparently, Swarm launched anyway. I think this would be the first unauthorized launch of commercial satellites ever.

8 March

7 March


Amazon’s Echo devices are randomly activating and laughing. This is creepy AF! [theverge.com]

I’ve had my MacBook Pro show its temperature in the menu bar for a couple of years and never saw it dip below 55°C.

Back from the Genius Bar, it’s now running at 36°C. That’s less warm than my brain.


6 March







Les gens qui vont chez le docteur : “Je vais mal, et voici en détail tous mes symptômes.”

Les gens qui vont chez le garagiste : “Ma voiture ne marche plus, voici tout ce que j’ai noté”

Les gens qui ont un souci informatique : “CA MARCHE PAS. VOILA MERCI AU REVOIR.”

It seems like just a few days ago I was too angry at Apple for the iPhone battery business to imagine ever buying stuff from them again

I still dislike the principle of gluing the battery so strongly Apple itself won’t service it without changing the whole case, but it’s hard to complain when I get a shiny new case and keyboard for the flat battery service fee.

Got my MacBook Pro back and I’d forgotten how slim and flat it’s supposed to be when the battery isn’t swollen — crazy that I took so long to notice something was wrong.


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