24 mai

Which, to be fair, my own brain tends to autocorrect whenever I read it.

23 mai

Bought some UV resin/glue (all the YouTube hobbyists use it, it’s fun!) and a tiny UV flashlight to go with it.

I figured I’d try the flashlight on SLA-printing resin — it works! It works real fast! Why does a tiny battery-powered light cure resin faster than an actual printer?!

22 mai

Creating a list in Apple Maps of gluten-free places in Paris (there aren’t many). I expect their data to be iffy, but you’d hope the UI is good? Nope, Google Maps is a lot better: enter name, click Save, choose list, done. Apple’s a pain to use and won’t even let me add notes.

19 mai

Why are most SVN apps unwilling to convert the local files into a working copy when I import them to a new repository? Seems silly having to immediately redownload everything I’ve just uploaded.

18 mai


“rococo style painting of elephants washing the dishes”

#dalle #dalle2 @OpenAI

17 mai


I love these new accessibility features Apple just previewed. I also love that they are making a separate announcement and press release for it. These things matter, and should be announced far and wide, not in a footnote of a change log.


16 mai

Of course there are things I’d do differently and I’m tempted to make my own anyway, but life’s too ADHD for that.

My iOS shortcuts have suddenly decided that they would not run from the Home screen anymore 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🙄


I thought it’s just clumsy old me who accidentally clicks on YouTube recommendations and can’t go back, but this piece argues that:

–It’s designed that way!

–It’s not just YouTube, it’s most apps!

–It’s probably a result of “engagement maximization” 😬



With its 1,200-cc, 40-brake horsepower, in-line four-cylinder engine, the 1930 Henderson Model KJ Streamline could exceed 100 mph, also being a unique and beautiful example of Art Deco design [read more: [buff.ly]]