27 January


The MPI adventure has six legs that it can stand on to become a platform to install wind turbines in the sea

Weird. I had occasional issues on the old Mac where Safari would stop rendering below the fold and the tab would generally glitch out, but on the M1 Pro it gets so bad I’ll probably switch back to Firefox. Wonder what makes it worse on Apple Silicon. Or it could be Monterey.

26 January


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25 January

Yay! Flexbox all the things! 🙌

Yes, I know everybody’s already using it, but I’m old and I started web dev at a time when you had to be extremely conservative about adopting new functionality and I’m forever traumatized by MSIE, so:

Yay! Flexbox all the things! 🙌


Reminder to Silicon Valley: there’s an even chance that many governments in the world will be run by authoritarian movements in the future. Your window to deploy surveillance-resistant systems is running out.

I already knew that because I’d been to an Apple Store when it was first introduced, but I’ve spent two full days with this computer and there is absolutely no discernible sign that the thing isn’t actually clicking. Again, I realise this isn’t news to anyone. But it’s amazing.

I’ve complained about the trackpad’s new rejection algorithm, but one thing you all take for granted because you didn’t just upgrade from a 2013 laptop: the Force Touch trackpad has to be the most indistinguishable-from-magic technology Apple ever introduced 🤯

24 January

One of my apps, Uniconsole, isn’t available on the Mac App Store. IIRC that’s because it includes a keyboard extension. Which means iOS apps that bothered to implement interesting functionality — i.e. all the best apps — are just excluded from Mac compatibility 👍

When Apple announced iOS apps on the Mac I thought it’d be a much bigger deal (and so did they, I expect). I haven’t found any recent blog post recommending apps to run, and any app I thought might be interesting to try does not appear to be available on the Mac.


I think there is a decent argument that this maybe traces back to the iOS-ification of the Mac experience. Apple trying to unify the macOS UX with the iOS UX lead to a lot of those behaviors being stripped out, as they weren’t as easily implementable on an iPhone or iPad.


Back in the day, Mac apps used to have a lot of rich behaviors that were best exposed by system frameworks. Stuff like sheets, utility panels and windows, rich customizable toolbars, etc. As those were all striped away, it provided less of a reason to use the system frameworks.

I hate shopping for hard drives. Every single review section is full of horror stories. Presumably because people who don’t lose their data don’t bother to post reviews. Or maybe it’s just that all hard drives are shit these days.

Since I’m installing a bunch of stuff, I finally got to try Panic’s Nova — it’s like it was made just for me! 😍 I’ve dreamed of a webdev IDE that keeps track of which files you’ve modified and offers to upload them all at once. And validates PHP. And compiles SASS.

Setting up my new Mac from scratch, I just copied the settings for most apps by eyeballing the Preferences windows.

Thought I was going crazy for a while until I found this hidden BBEdit pref. Isn’t that a weird default to set — and hide away — for navigating a vertical sidebar?

23 January

Doing some spring cleaning in the folders of free old fonts I’ve carried around for twenty years 🥲

Does anyone still remember not picking one of the three most popular Google Fonts for a design?

So the only way to prevent macOS Monterey from quickly putting a laptop to sleep when it’s on battery… is to prevent it from putting the screen to sleep? That would be silly even if the OS didn’t have an issue that shuts down external drives on sleep without unmounting them.

22 January

I am not surprised to find out that the emoji popup didn’t miraculously become more reliable in macOS Monterey.

I just love being able to pick up my computer with one hand, and lie down on the sofa with the laptop neither weighing down on my stomach nor burning my thighs #AppleSilicon

Setting up the new Mac from scratch and I’ve finally decided to forgo storing personal stuff in the Documents folder because too many ill-bred apps make a mess of it.

When I played with demo units in stores I always figured it might be a difference in user setting, but I’ve made sure every preference is identical to my previous machine and I’m consistently getting missed clicks and sticky drag-and-drops 😒

I don’t know if older Macs still run a different algorithm or it’s just a function of size and inherent input noise, but the trackpad works decidedly worse on a new laptop.

21 January


These functions are used in content scanning applications. In the past they’ve been exempted from adversarial analysis because “everyone knows they’re not a security system.” And yet they’re being built into security systems because everyone does not realize this.


I think it is excellent that perceptual hash functions are finally getting detailed security analyses, which is something they’ve been able to avoid for years. [arxiv.org]

Huh, the green AirPods Max are “only” 460 € on Amazon. That’s about what I’d consider a fair price. (I once paid 400 € for an excellent pair of Bowers & Wilkins headphones, which I later blew out by setting my PC output too loud while not wearing them.) But, they’re green[ish].

Half the anti-ponzi crowd is making fake hexagon profile pictures while the other half is blocking hexagons on sight, surely this is gonna end well.

Conclusions: the MacBook Air is a lot heavier than I remembered, because I remembered the 11-inch. The 16-inch Pro is way too big and heavy for me. So it’s between an Air and a 14” Pro, and the Air is probably enough for my needs but not very future-proof, so… 💸

Oh no the store had a demo pair of AirPods Max and I put them on before being reminded they’re a lot more expensive than I thought 😔

I knew they’d sound good but I didn’t think they’d be so comfortable on my freakishly big head.

Ten years ago I bought a heavily discounted webOS tablet that came with 50GB free storage on Box. It keeps surprising me that they’re somehow still honoring that commitment, in this world of empty promises.


I… I found a search engine that is designed to favour old websites with more text. Bout 2 take it for a spin. [search.marginalia.nu]

20 January

If the bestagon does end up widely associated with scam artists, I’ll never forgive Twitter.

If I’m never gonna be productive again post-covid I might as well get a little MacBook Air.

Yesterday I almost convinced myself to go to the store (where they’re supposedly in stock) and finally get a nice MBP 16”. Today I’m remembering I don’t do video editing and may never willingly use Xcode again so what do I need such a machine for?