30 November

29 November

I’ve been running a wood print for a whole day and I can’t smell a thing. Should have bought an air purifier much sooner.

Next thing to test is resin printing. I’m not all that hopeful because adding filters to the printer never did anything, but people report success.

28 November


any time someone smugly goes “RSS didn’t die”

27 November

I have to run a 40-hour print and I don’t know when to start so that the “I’m out of filament! Feeeed meee!” beeps don’t happen in the middle of the night.

I’ve tried setting the OS region to “United States” and I still couldn’t edit routines but a ‘Broadcast’ button appeared (why? what does that have to do with my region?) and remained even after I reverted to France (double why?!).

Due to some combination of my region and language settings and maybe my location, I can’t set up routines in Google Home. Why is this a thing? Why should the app care about any of these (except possibly language, but I’ve set it to English) in order to show the ‘Routines’ button?

Like the phone is saying, hey I wouldn’t want to automatically unlock your Watch in case you were about to enter the wrong code. So go on and try to use your puny human memory and sausage fingers, I’m watching you, I’ll just wait until you stop trying and then I’ll immediately unlock it 🤖

It looks like my main issue with the iPhone failing to unlock the Watch is because it won’t even try if the Watch’s PIN entry keypad is currently on-screen (because I touched it while putting on the Watch) and all I have to say is WHYYYYY.

26 November

Well, that took quite a few more attempts than I expected, but it looks like I finally have a battery-less iPhone 6 that won’t blow up again because it’s permanently plugged in as a white noise machine. I just have to run endurance tests tomorrow, and print some sort of case.


The world through iPhone 13 Pro Max sensors (Shibuya, 23rd Nov)

You’ve just got to accept nowadays that engineers will start optimizing their software for the new hardware capabilities (in this case, processing power and mic quality, I expect) and older devices will inevitably fall by the wayside 🤷🏻‍♂️

Google Assistant on the new Nest Mini is a lot better than it ever was. Of course it’s a bit annoying that my first-gen Google Home became noticeably worse over the past year and essentially forced me to upgrade, but… that’s just the world we live in now, isn’t it.

25 November


Profound realization from the Design Principles Behind Smalltalk: [cs.virginia.edu]

I’m not happy to go back to the green music service, but losing their algorithms had a tangible negative effect on my morale, and I managed to boycott it for a whole year and a half, which is 1) an eternity in the internet era 2) more than any of you bothered to do.

24 November


Apple fighting that company is good. But this is a stupidly dangerous precedent for Apple to argue it still owns your phone after you buy it. [twitter.com]