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27 October

Deleting my Twitter until each and everyone of you has posted or retweeted their own different yet identical “Apple lost its AirPods” joke.

26 October

Instagram Stories still doesn’t remember your choice of brush and ink. It’s not like people make wildly different art from day to day.

A double-digit percentage of Google Assistant’s daily fun facts arrive in the wrong order

I’d complain that people won’t know how to remove you from a needless group reply but they never did anyway.

RT @rgriff: Preparing for the demise of the Escape key…10.12 vs 10.12.1. [pic.twitter.com]

Google, going for the iPhone’s jugular, cloned a 3-year-old design. Microsoft, going after the Mac, makes every creative’s dream computer 😮

RT @aegies: Microsoft bringing a comic creator on stage is also really fucking smart.

RT @danielpunkass: Apple’s response for creative professionals: “No more pesky function keys!”

Microsoft showing Apple a thing or two about making a desirable computer. Damn.

Surface Studio very smartly and efficiently aimed at the creative professionals who are more and more disappointed with Apple.

Funny how the new Surface Book is thicker in the middle, but keeps the appearance of a gap on the sides.

Note that Microsoft already has ready-to-use inside-out positional tracking algorithms, with HoloLens.

Did they really announce $300 VR headsets (sans positional tracking I assume) in ten seconds and move on?

I was making the argument to a friend yesterday that good old productivity apps were gonna move to 3D and VR (more significantly than this).

RT @jkottke: Twitter’s “What’s happening?” prompt sounds more and more frantic as the year progresses.

I don’t know how useful it can be in real (adult) life but would you believe that Microsoft Paint 3D is legitimately cool.

The “Move selected messages to Junk” icon is an odd thing to change in a .1 release but nice timing—started using it recently and it sucked.

25 October

RT @emarley: I’m a little nervous about the availability of a key which is in command-option-escape being software-controlled. #Rumors

I was wondering how unreliable the touch bar would be in Boot Camp, but if it is powered by its own CPU it could pretend to be a keyboard.

Also this better be a shitty mockup from an intern because everything’s off-center vertically, in addition to the odd margin on ‘Cancel’.

RT @tapbot_paul: The Escape key is a relic of the Patriarchy. Why would I ever want to escape Apple? Apple is Mother, Apple is Father.

I’ll get my complaint in early: the completely invisible Touch ID sensor (slash power button, presumably) is, once more, design over UX.

RT @rhtkth: This isn’t an opinion. It’s design. Same reason paraph headers have a bigger padding between them than the lines in the paragraph.

RT @rhtkth: Whitespace, whether in the form of an opening bracket line or a blank line after a method declaration makes code more readable. Period.

People are complaining about the iOS update asking for their passwords, but neither of my devices did. Have I gotten a fake update?

RT @micahflee: If you’re running Mac OS X Sierra, upgrade to the 10.12.1 now. It’s vulnerable too [support.apple.com] https://t.co/GpmS8Nl6j5

RT @micahflee: Upgrade to iOS 10.1 right now. It fixes a remote code execution vulnerability that’s exploited by getting you to open a malicious JPEG. https://t.co/VpY7fpJlyP

There’s a good chance that the Watch’s redeeming feature, fitness tracking, was pushed by Cook himself, for instance.

24 October

Mac mini’s major GPU glitches appeared a couple days ago, and just disappeared with 10.12.1.

I suspected / hoped it was software but this is too good to be true.

RT @noahmccormack: If you ask leading AI people about perpetuating implicit bias, they appear not to be able to comprehend the question https://t.co/sMe7Cn3xU4 https://t.co/Cp3LpI6rmd

23 October

RT @WickedGood: So maybe it’s not Apple isn’t interested, but they fundamentally don’t understand gaming and iOS games have been successful despite them.

RT @WickedGood: Those are three pretty significant failures in gaming since iOS was released, and they all took a significant amount of effort to implement.

RT @WickedGood: Apple positioned the Apple TV as a gaming console but required Siri remote control at launch and didn’t pack in a gamepad so no games sold.

RT @WickedGood: Apple built Metal into macOS but I still can’t play Overwatch on my year-old MacBook Pro, and it can barely run XCOM 2.

RT @WickedGood: Apple’s built Game Center, which has been terrible since the beginning and somehow got worse.

22 October

RT @dbreunig: “It’s remarkable that virtually an entire co’s product line has been turned into a botnet that is attacking the US.” https://t.co/5ldYnGZPXn

21 October

This could’ve been a chance to find out whether our annus horribilis was better or worse without Twitter. But not with PSN being down too 😨

19 October

RT @prostheticknowl: Dynamic projection mapping onto deforming non-rigid surface: Impressive tech demo from @IshikawaLab https://t.co/GQBnJRaELy https://t.co/REx52ex8Lv

RT @fafner: The macOS crash report is a document based app? 🙃 [pic.twitter.com]

That kind of bullshit could very well be the end of Amazon for electronics and computer sales.

18 October

17 October

14 October

Trying to figure out why my site screws up the names of uploaded files and oh my god are you kidding me

13 October

The iPhone could do the same for all I know (though I don’t remember Apple ever bragging about single-shot HDR?) but the technique’s interesting anyway.

Whoa, icon labels? Is Snapchat about to give up on bad UX?

12 October

RT @BelgianBoolean: “My house has a working total home automation system including touchscreen….. from 1985” [imgur.com]


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