16 January

Judging from older articles about the app, looks like it originally focused on splitting 3D models for a much more reasonable price, then added functionality and raised license costs, which is an interesting way of destroying the app’s value proposition for potential new buyers.

Ah, I tweeted that just before I reached the right result in my search

I don’t necessarily want to be a freeloader, though, but that license is a bit expensive when I’m only interested in that specific functionality.

15 January

I’m happy to pay for my e-mail hosting and I like Fastmail but I wish it wasn’t so bad at learning what messages I mark as spam ten times per week.

14 January


All of the internet was like this before companies such as Twitter privatized it all. [twitter.com]

13 January

It had been so long since I last updated the emoji in Uniconsole that I forgot what a humongous pain in the ass it is and how much it makes me want to become a right-wing pundit. I woke up with productive energy for the first time all week and this is what I’m spending it on 😫


I’m awake properly, so let’s talk for a sec about why this—the White Man’s Gambit—is a terrible idea. [twitter.com]