28 September


So… I made Sticky Widgets. A totally free, very lightweight little thing that lets you put “sticky notes” on your home screen.


Since iOS 14 it’s been about one time in five that I went to share a photo I’d just taken or edited, and it didn’t appear anywhere — neither in Instagram nor in Photos, on the very device I’d taken it.

Actually… is it even legal, under GDPR, to make a web app that doesn’t allow users to download editable source files of their work? If you let me download STL files (compiled mesh objects) but not STEP (source CAD data), aren’t you keeping some of my own data from me?

25 September

Here’s to my first email from a user asking me if I’ll update my app’s widget for iOS 14, which would make it a lot worse than it is now — on several levels — because of the technical restrictions 🥂

24 September

I feel like that’s more information than we’ve ever had about App Review?


In a country with no laws regulating digital privacy, anyone who buys this from a company with a history of privacy problems is insane. [twitter.com]


Crime syndicates infiltrating deep into @amazon to rig results and shut down sellers.

[bloomberg.com] via @BW

23 September


While TikTok’s lawyers are not saying it outright, they sure are strongly suggesting that they think Trump’s crackdown on TikTok is in retaliation for the Tulsa rally prank.

22 September

Photogrammetry is taking over the streets of Paris

Speaking of the Shortcuts widget, it’s a great example of how dumb it was to switch from content-based sizing to having the user pick a size and throwing your hands in the air when you can’t display any more buttons.

So judging by the Shortcuts widget — which I just noticed had disappeared in the upgrade — if an app switches to the new widget format, it just disappears from its users’ screens until they figure out they need to add it again? Great UX as always.

21 September

I guess thirteen years of iOS devices, where the best you could do was arrange the icons by color, have slowly driven out of me the urge to customize my device’s home screen — or the ability to consider doing so.

How do so many people have the patience to create a Shortcuts flow for each and every app on their home screen just so they can change the icon?

20 September


Saying that bias in AI applications is “just because of the datasets” is like saying the 2008 crisis was “just because of subprime mortgages”.

Technically, it’s true. But it’s singling out the last link in the causality chain while ignoring the entire system around it.


Don’t worry tho. All your data is safe with Oracle and Walmart. They’d never do anyt….. oh