24 June

After dozens of reboots and many more online searches, I’ve managed to enable TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot on my PC and Microsoft’s compatibility checker still rewards me with the least helpful message 😩 I’m not even sure I want to upgrade at this point, it’s sure to break stuff

22 June


In the late 2030s you should expect a team of researchers to be writing a paper just like this one, except it will be about the encryption you’re using today. //fin

21 June

Nope, doesn’t stick across cloud syncs, guess this is what my scene shortcuts look like now. Thanks a lot for your combined efforts, Apple and Philips.

Just adding a no-op to my shortcuts so iOS doesn’t decide to replace my hand-chosen icon (from a uselessly limited list) with a Hue logo 🙄

There’s a high chance the hassle of controlling Hue lights without the widgets is eventually gonna lead me to buy a Nest Mini for the bedroom 😫

Well, at least if I’m forced to create Shortcuts I can add some automation

Oh, right, I can’t, because that only works with HomeKit and my third-party lights can’t appear in HomeKit.

I’d been wondering how Philips would update the Hue widgets for the new system introduced in iOS 14. Silly me, of course they just removed it altogether. Go forth and use the Shortcuts app to create much less space-efficient buttons on your lock screen!


Amazon sets up a system where it charges sellers by the month to store stock in its warehouse, offers a service where it will destroy items that haven’t sold, and then washes its hands of the fact that it disposes of more than 80,000 unsold goods a week [itv.com]

20 June

19 June


Apple needs to change this. If you’re paying for storage, there is no excuse for Apple to delete backups. At they least, Apple should warn first AND give the option to keep the data another six months. In tandem, should let people know if they’ve old backups they might not want. [twitter.com]

18 June


“They are all buried into one of those vague ‘⋯’ controls that Apple is obsessed with these days … It makes application interfaces worse, and the more often I see it, the more concerned I am about Apple’s human interface direction.”



As for the painted chin, it’s not that noticeable if you’re not thinking about it, but looking at it in the Apple Store I couldn’t think about anything else.

Apple has been faking thinness on the iMac for so long that I’m not finding the new model all that impressive unless I’m looking at it from a 90° angle. And how often do you do that?


As a…

– user pasting text from multiple sources

I want to…

– paste the source formatting by default

so that…

– all of my documents have that professional, ransom-note vibe

17 June


If you want to know your future as a web designer, imagine building an entire mobile website that only exists to throw up a gray screen and push people to the App team’s work.