26 October

Was excited to find out how many accessories for my new Ikea pegboards were available on Thingiverse. Downloaded 52 files. I’m quite sure I’ll never look through them because that’s too many 😫


I wonder if apple and google realize that the main reason there’s such a huge pool of programmers to pull talent from right now is because we all grew up in an era where computers were very open and it was super easy to get started learning how they work

25 October

I’m trying to edit a photo by switching between Procreate on the iPad and Photoshop on the Mac (via iCloud, which I guess must be the most efficient) and it feels like I’m back in 19992bedited_final.

It only took me the whole day but I’ve finally ordered a printer that I’m inevitably gonna hate and curse when it gets here.

I’m looking for a color printer and there should be laws to prevent each brand from offering so damn many models with unfathomably subtle differences.

24 October

23 October

The hardware’s great — Pencil 2.0 is so much more convenient to use than the first generation. I blame software, but also ADHD. (There’s that nice perk where stuff completely disappears from your brain if it’s not in front of your eyes. So notes are more useful on my desk.)

When I bought my iPad Pro a year ago, I told myself this time I’d use the Pencil to take handwritten notes and draw diagrams and organize them digitally.

When Apple announced iOS 14’s new handwritten note support I told myself…

I finally caved and got back to my paper notepad.

Apparently there are people getting allergic reactions to some chemical in the silicone tips of Apple and Beats earbuds. Ask me why I googled this 😒


The sunk cost fallacy fallacy is when you put a lot of time into a project, find your motivation running out right before you get to the finish line, and tell yourself that because of the sunk cost fallacy the rational decision is to quit.

As magical as it feels to take off one AirPod and hear the music stop, I like the intentionality of putting both Flex earbuds together — that should be less prone to misfiring. Plus it incentivizes you to take both buds off when talking to people, which is welcome.

22 October

When I bought Shure SE425 earbuds in April I agonized over getting H1-powered Beats instead. I knew the Shures sounded fantastic, was afraid the Beats would be bad, and lockdown made even returns impractical.

If the $50 Flex are that good, I should’ve bought the Beats back then.

My iPhone has had random bouts of lag since I’ve updated to 14.1, even after multiple reboots. I missed a photo this morning because the camera repeatedly stalled, and have been having issues all day. It’s four years old and new models just came out, so… I guess that checks out.

After seeing this screen I spent ten minutes convinced I’d forgotten about the beta profile and accidentally installed Big Sur 😨 (Then I googled their respective hero backgrounds.)

Test playlist for reference. Unsurprisingly, Austin Wintory and Michael Nyman suffer a bit, but they don’t sound bad. The last third of Contact gets a little muddy but the whole track still sounds incredible for $50 earbuds, and so does the rest of the playlist.

The Beats Flex sound a lot better than I expected. I figured at worst they’d just replace my aging AirPods for podcasts, but it looks like I’m gonna make good use of the all-day battery. Very much v-shaped, but that’s fine by me as long as I get proper sub-bass and clear highs.

21 October

Once again I wish Lightroom for iOS wasn’t designed with the idea I’d want to upload my entire photo roll to Adobe’s cloud (who on earth wants that?), but the workflow for sending pictures from within Photos isn’t awful. I’ll try to make a preset in the app and use it for a bit.

I’m playing around with some old pictures I took (like “oh god the folder name says 2003” old) and it’s amazing how much easier the new tools make it to give portraits a bit of personality without making them look unnatural — just shift the new “Balance” slider to the left.

Damn, Lightroom’s new color grading tools are nice. Makes me wish I still did portraits. Or still had a proper camera, for that matter.

But then, taking portraits out on the street isn’t a thing anymore, so 🤷🏻‍♂️

Oh wow the app even sends you to TikTok to view the tutorial 😂

If I had a big (huge) office I’d want to build a life-size Cray-1 replica in the middle, with my actual computer inside. As a conversation piece 😬


History in pics: Testing prototype Roomba’s in 1982. It would take two decades until they could be made small enough to clean under a couch.

Ooh, Photoshop’s neural filters are nice. It’s great that we don’t need to send our selfies to some unknown Chinese entity with dubious motives anymore in order to make ourselves look younger. (We only have to send them to Adobe’s servers instead.)


I noticed my MacBook would sometimes become unresponsive to keyboard input after opening the lid.

Eventually I realized it only happened in my backyard. WTF?!

Finally figured out why and the answer is… horrifying: [news.ycombinator.com]

20 October

A while back I used to use a javascript library that took a <table> from the DOM and used its data to create a chart. It looks like no one does this anymore (you have to put the data in the javascript yourself), but… that way made sense? Didn’t it?