13 août

How do I reclaim this storage when both “All Recordings” and “Recently Deleted” are empty? How can we be almost at the sixteenth major version and the only reliable way to free up space is still to delete and reinstall apps?

12 août

Ooh, Sublime Text displays non-breaking spaces in source code as hexadecimal entities 😍

(This is a mostly azerty-specific issue — brackets and curly braces are hidden behind the Alt key, which results in frequent parsing errors due to accidental non-breaking spaces.)

I could try and tolerate changing my preferences for a code editor in a json file, but at least put a goddamn font picker in there so I don’t have to guess what weird name you’ll manage to recognize.


one last dispatch from hell: Amazon’s MGM Television Studios is producing a show using Amazon’s Ring surveillance camera footage. It’s also produced by the company behind “Live PD”, a copaganda reality TV show that just got rebooted. vice.com

Finally remembered to check out the new MacBook Air in an Apple Store the other day, in case it looks better in person (as many of their products do lately) and… no, I still think I liked the wedge design better. Boxy makes sense for the Pro, not so much for this.

11 août


If you haven’t used the macOS Ventura Settings app yet, see this thread.

It’s FAR worse than you think.

It looks and works like a quick-and-dirty prototype that should’ve been brought to a design meeting, considered, and ultimately abandoned.

And Apple’s going to ship it. twitter.com


Ok thread of weird stuff found in redesigned macOS Ventura System Settings app.

First one: what happens if you simply hold “Up” button

10 août


Every cult has a good story about sacrificing a child.

Did I dream that Tidal’s app supported Google Cast? I’d swear I used it a few weeks ago, and all I can find now is the iPhone’s system AirPlay dialog. Which obviously doesn’t list my Google Home.

Late realization that people are drawn to posting interminable Twitter threads because it gives them permission to write the way they speak, whereas a big blank page implies an expectation of “professional” writing.

There ought to be a better solution to this than threads.

9 août

I suppose people get used to it, but Shortcuts’ whole business of selecting “magic variables” (and having to reset them every time you move stuff around) is a complete and absolute pain in the ass. Didn’t this app use to be intuitive?

Of course it’s 100% impossible to google “how to crop and save an image in Shortcuts on Mac”

8 août

Will somebody please stop me from buying a sixty-euro round screen I have absolutely no use for twitter.com


WIP: can’t stop to design 3d print cases for @pimoroni’s #HyperPixel 2.1 Round Touch and

@Raspberry_Pi ;)

I wonder what percentage of #midjourney addicts have aphantasia. Beyond fascination for the technical aspect, the fact that I can’t turn words into images in my own head must obviously have influenced my decision to sign up for a paid subscription.

Once again, DALL-E’s degree of “understanding” of the subject floors me — it really seems to have a three-dimensional “mental” model of objects and creatures, where competitors mostly just mash patterns and textures together reddit.com

So the solution:

1. Add the font imports inside the SVG (even though they’re already in the web page, and work in Chrome)

2. Move the <defs> containing the image data from the bottom of the SVG to before it’s used

…manually, every time I update the SVG in Affinity Designer 🤦🏻‍♂️😩

I worked for two days on an interactive SVG map for my client’s site and I was so happy with myself; turns out Safari is somehow managing to screw it up, only shows half of it until a reload 😩

6 août

Scroll down a Discord channel for a while;

Switch to another channel or to DMs;

Return to the first channel:

it scrolled back to where I was before I started.


I find myself spending hours on Discord because of Midjourney and this is annoying me a lot.


tl;dr “use a burner phone, we don’t even trust ourselves” - Twitter


Twitter has confirmed a data breach which exposed as many as 5,000,000 sensitive information.

Twitter offers a 200iq take.

5 août


Alternative headline: Amazon buys company that constantly maps the inside of your home theverge.com


It’s bizarre that modern apps just stuff password hashes into a database along with a bunch of other data that app code can access. It’s like storing plutonium in the refrigerator next to your mayonnaise.


I’ve recently been playing console games and the UX on them sucks compared to mobile or ancient console games (highly modal, requiring button confirmation and viewing cut scenes).

I was 99% sure it was due to some lowest nominator requirements and this seems to confirm it. twitter.com


@edenaraura We got rejected because our save-game was too quick, so you didn’t have time to read “Saving… please do not remove the memory card.” So we had to artificially make saving a game take longer, just so you could read the message telling you not to do a thing you actually could do.