2 August


I have no idea what to do with this information but my brain memorizes it instantly like it’s the license plate of the kidnapper’s car who just drove off with my child

1 August

Well, guess I’ll just put that mess in my LaunchAgents then

Does anyone know of a Mac app that displays a different set of notes/todos (or a different web page, so I’d use Notion) depending on the app that’s currently active? A la GTD contexts? I feel like there used to be one but I can’t remember or find it.

30 July


Whenever the idea of worker co-ops comes up, I just think about how weird it is that Western society simultaneously believes that democracy is a necessary precondition to an equitable nation, and that the only possible way to run a company is a strict monarchy/oligarchy.

29 July


“As a material that usually lurks below the earth’s surface, popping into view only while it’s being installed or unearthed,” Geofoam is “Minecraft made physical, an architectural model in the flesh.” [theprepared.org]


I’m genuinely surprised nobody’s asked the FTC to ban five-star rating systems where Stars 1-4 are a secret failing grade for the person being rated. It’s non-intuitive and sets both sides up for failure, and a thumbs-up/thumbs-down offers the same feedback more transparently.

I can still be so naive sometimes. When I saw my new TV had AirPlay, I disabled it on the Apple TV because I’d never need it again. Of course the first time I actually want to send something to the TV, it doesn’t work.

28 July

26 July


SCOOP: Police all over America are regularly asking Shotspotter, the AI-powered microphones that “detect gunshots” to fabricate gunshots from thin air for court proceedings, according to court records we obtained. This is horrifying and nuts


Between that and half-assed Continuity implementation, I’m beginning to feel like Firefox hates the Mac. Which seems somewhat ill-advised in this day and age.

A couple months ago, the Share button disappeared from the address bar in @Firefox on Mac. It took a bunch of googling to find it in the tab’s right-click menu. Now it’s gone from there too? WHY?!

25 July