6 June


AMERICAN PROTESTERS: Begin adopting umbrellas as a tear gas antimeasure

GOOGLE RECAPTCHA, 2 DAYS LATER: Please identify all images out of this set containing umbrellas. To prove you’re a human. No other reason, why would we need an algorithm for identifying umbrellas?

ME: D:

4 June


US Mains to 3.5mm is one of my favorite commercially made adapters available.

3 June


Already found people claiming that Mark Zuckerberg can’t understand racism because he’s autistic. Same argument they try to use with musk. Stop equating malicious bigotry to our autistic community which is striving for race equity and standing with the protestors.

2 June

I’m amazed every time I’m reminded that some people actually use hashtags to find content #LastRT


Blackout Tuesday posts are drowning out vital information shared under the BLM hashtag [theverge.com]


careful!! if you protest you can be tracked using your phone. we know because examined a huge “anonymous” dataset on smartphone movements and were able to follow protestors back to their homes



Nice to know that @sphero is helping out with the police state. Why buy kids education robots when you can buy violent cops and soldiers tactical drones? Cross sphero off your xmas list. [mashable.com]

1 June


My daughter is 10. She watched videos about Frozen 2 on your site. The algorithm started recommending alt right rants about why there should not have been black people in the movie. Fuck right off with your blood money. [twitter.com]

When I turn my Watch’s crown to get out of shower mode it’s almost always two hours later, after I tried to do something and the controls didn’t respond. So locking the UI another ten seconds to display a stupid animation is hardly helpful.


Amazon’s Ring has partnered with 1,350 police departments and law enforcement agencies as of today.

Amazon has also helped police plan “sting operations” where police leave out Amazon-branded dummy packages and try to catch people stealing them on Ring cameras [twitter.com]

31 May


and make sure you do not have it on you when you get picked up unless you want to turn everyone you know into a person of interest


it is, in a very literal sense, automated guilt by association


everyone saying ”what does he think antifa means hur hur” needs to read up on how network analysis was used to identify “terrorist cells” in Afghanistan and Syria


the twin scenes of a manned rocket launch and nationwide protests should be enough to convince you that technological advancement is not at all synonymous with progress.

30 May


During Ferguson, the police used scanners to pick up phone data of the protestors. After it was over, they drove through neighborhoods. Houses that had more than a couple of cell phone identifiers were then raided and everyone arrested. [twitter.com]