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25 September


Apple shifts Siri and Spotlight search from Microsoft’s Bing to Google on iOS and macOS [9to5mac.com]


Could you imagine this headline: Push for racial equality in tech? Some whites say it’s gone too far. [twitter.com]


the first touchscreen ever to be fitted in a car, AFAIK: behold, the 1989 Buick Riviera “Graphic Control Center” [youtube.com]


Designing for iPhone X means more floating elements. Great article 👉 [blog.maxrudberg.com]

24 September

As much as I want the 8 Plus as a camera, iOS 11 frustrations are quickly approaching the “fuck giving money to Apple this year” level.

Long wondered which draws more power—wired or bluetooth headphones. Well, assuming Apple chose to display the most advantageous measures, I guess wireless is more economical than even the phone’s speaker.

23 September


I hear the iPhone X also requires you do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around.


iPhone 8 day 2: phone vibrated itself slightly off the center of the charging pad overnight, so it didn’t get a full charge. Splendid.


Levels of programmer enlightenment:

- my software is shit

- all software is shit

- everything is shit

Instagram Stories look so damn nice on a Plus.

On iPhone 6, Control Center doesn’t respond to touch for a full second as the music widget struggles to find out the current track’s title.

iPhone 8 vs 7 drop test

That protruding camera is definitely a structural weakness. But hey that’s okay, a broken back is just cosmetic 😬👍

22 September


UPS guy just mentioned he’d made “almost no” Apple deliveries today- Says it’s odd as last year his truck was totally full of iPhone 7’s.

Using a Plus is renewing my annoyance at the impossibility for an app to change what it displays on a 5.5” via Auto Layout size classes.

Weird cognitive dissonance that I have a yay-new-toy but it isn’t more powerful than the old toy and doesn’t run all the new AR apps either.

Safari 11 on Mac still beachballs for 30 seconds when loading a random news site in a background tab. Oh, I’d love not to use Chrome.

Storyboards have existed for six years and I still can’t tell Interface Builder “this subview should segue into that subview” like in any UI prototyping app 😤


Apple Watch’s new heart rate features won’t work on the original Watch model [theverge.com] via @Verge

21 September

Why does iOS 11’s lock screen screw up iOS 11’s new backgrounds? This absurd transition effect irks me every time I turn on my iPhone.

Never been double-rejected before—because of “Free” in the name (knew the risk) and old unused icon-Default.png not matching App Store icon.


Technophobes: “computers are barely working magic”

Nerds: “computers do as they’re told”

Elder nerds: “computers are barely working magic” [twitter.com]

Swapped iPhones with a friend, my 6 for his 6 Plus, and why did I resist the Plus form factor for so long? It’s so roomy!

I bought a Series -2 😁 (and I like it unironically, although it’s a little too large for my wrist)

I suppose I ought to push an unmodified update to Music Rating Widget because some people won’t buy it without a september 2017 build date.

Looks like that’s because I set the alarm on the Watch, so it was Watch-only (that wasn’t the case before, was it?), so Siri didn’t see it.

WTF, Siri hadn’t been stupid about this for several iOS versions (only one of these is actually enabled)

I mean one billion dollars must be a decent runway but there’s no future in historically being the first company to ship Valve’s technology.

Did Google refuse to buy all of HTC or does HTC really think it has a chance to survive with just VR?

20 September


Just submitted our 1st #madewitharkit app for iOS11! @magicsudokuapp solves Sudokus using #CoreML, #Vision & #ARKit. [magicsudoku.com]


Excuse me, I’m just laying out IKEA furniture on a subway platform #ARKit #iphone8plus

The fuck is that Facebook-worthy bullshit


There’s finally a reason to prune my Watch’s list of installed apps. (3D-Touch the honeycomb to switch.)


The strange thing about iOS 11 on the iPad is that it makes the iPhone feel like it’s a version behind.


Biggest stealth change in iOS 11 is that the Camera app can now read QR codes. About 6 years late, but they’ll probably see use in US now.


You can automatically use Safari Reader on some or all websites in Safari 11. Hold-tap or right click on the Reader button to turn this on.

19 September

“Use @available to silence this warning”

The syntax for @available is ungooglable and I can’t find it in the docs 😒

Does Xcode’s “Convert to ARC” detect possible retain cycles? Because if it doesn’t… I sure as hell aren’t gonna. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Currently updating an app exactly one year too late, since the last few dozen users have all uninstalled it by now

Especially considering that my iPad mini is as old as my iPhone 6, but with no likely replacement in sight 😔


iPhone 8 and X support pad-free wireless charging, third-party distance charger on the way [9to5mac.com]

Weird that Apple seemed to have gorgeous copper-colored prototypes and ended up going with uncooked chicken


BEFORE UPDATING TO IOS 11: Go to “Settings > General > About > Applications”. Verify you can live without incompatible apps listed there.

18 September


1997: your lightbulb emits more heat than light

2017: your lightbulb is a futuristic color LED currently DDoSing GitHub on behalf of the PRC

“CCleanup: A Vast Number of Machines at Risk”

This kind of thing is terrifying; as an end-user, I have no idea how to protect myself against such risks 😱


Put “é” into online forms and imagine the devs tearing their hair out trying to find the bug in their unicode handling.

17 September

Je suis en train de rénover mon portfolio et, paf, j’ai envie de refaire une version compatible iOS 11 de Tarot Royal 🤦🏻‍♂️


“Works a lot ≠ has good work ethic”. Fuck 70+ hour work weeks as some sort of noble quality. [m.signalvnoise.com]

Looks like you can have your app respond gracefully to ‘Smart Invert’ but not the launch screen? For now at least.

Why isn’t ‘Smart Invert’ in the Control Center? Why does iOS 11 make it customizable but only offer the bare minimum of options?

I don’t need an iPhone X, I just want a jailbreak tweak on my iPhone to put rounded corners over every app. (Hashtag webOS.)

16 September

Three years too late, it looks like iOS 11 finally keeps third-party keyboards in memory after their first load.

Instagram displays a small (probably too discreet, even) prompt to use the share functionality when you screenshot a post 👍👍👍


.dev as a REAL TLD is coming and oh god I have to get out of the habit of using it locally 😨😨😨 [twitter.com]

15 September


The S8 family of phones with the infinity edge screen simply look more futuristic than the iPhone X.

Apple’s docs now store language choice in the URL instead of a cookie 🙄 so a Google search will always send you to the default Swift 😠

App Review hasn’t become any less silly while I wasn’t making apps.


E-mailed #CraigFederighi about #FaceID and actually got a response!

Xcode 9 doesn’t want to connect to my iPhone and the simulators don’t seem to support Dark Mode / Smart Invert. Oh well, maybe next time.

Good news: @uniconsole only requires a tiny fix. Bad news: the app doesn’t use Auto Layout so I have no idea how to handle that fix 😬

14 September

Why do you still ask me to enter separate version + build numbers only to throw an error afterwards if they differ

I can’t be bothered to fine-tune the location of the buttons and app title, but at least the notch looks fine on a textured background

Why. Do I. Always make. Complex. Unmaintanable. Interfaces.

Every time I have to update my apps for a new iOS version it’s a unpleasant reminder that I used to consider myself an app developer.


Nikon creates team of 32 professional photographers to be the faces of Nikon D850- & picks not a single woman. #2017



1984, 1997, 2017

Eek yeah okay good bye IPAs (FYI the new iTunes won’t automatically delete them, which is reasonable in case you still want them)

I can’t wait for machine learning to be able to censor memes I’m tired of seeing.

And I love how you can customize Control Center for quick access to anything you like except the only way to toggle Night Shift is now a compulsory long press.

Remember when they finally updated Control Center so you could change the brightness while seeing what it would look like in the active app?


Google Earth is a little behind, but it captures the Steve Jobs Theatre at an interesting stage of construction.


Apple: Embrace the notch! Black bars would waste valuable screen real estate.

Also Apple:


IKEA’s Augmented Reality app is such a great demo of ARKit. Going to be huge (and avoid awkward furniture mistakes)

13 September

Why is the Siri watch face’s weather display so much better designed than the modular face’s

As is customary, enjoying my MBP being unusable for half an hour

I was skeptical about Face ID but Apple’s implementation convinced me. (Kinect in a phone!)

I was cautiously optimistic about the notch but Apple’s implementation disgusts me.


But it’s not like we have a choice when Apple won’t sign iOS 10, let alone push iOS 10 security updates, on devices compatible with iOS 11 😒

Even though both of my devices are just the right age to receive the new iOS and be made worse by installing it.

I should be working but instead I’m finally installing iOS 11 because the urge to have something new is irresistible post-keynote.


I think I’ve fixed the notch issue in landscape 🍾 #iphoneX


The iPhone X home indicator isn’t a solid color; it actually adapts in realtime to the content beneath it (a luma dodge effect)


This was my reaction to the Apple Maps UI as well. Double grabber looks odd. [twitter.com]


Looking forward to people that buy a $1,000 iPhone telling me it’s terrible to charge $2.99 for a game on the App Store.


Apple Touch Bar == I have a band-aid on my finger and can’t hit escape anymore.


iPhone X renders webpages with literal white bars on the sides


Wow they really are stripping things out of iTunes. Never expected to see that



Good: Design looks surprisingly robust, already has a panic disable.

Bad: Normalizes facial scanning, a tech certain to be abused.

12 September


Given the integration I’m seeing, I’d have to say yes, Facebook will be able to read your face gestures while you read your newsfeed.

You’re redefining the iPhone from scratch; why cling to the external aspect ratio instead of making the device easier to handle?

Of all the iPhone X design choices I disagree with, the one I don’t understand is why make it so tall.

It bums me out that I’m probably gonna have to update some of my apps to accommodate the stupid notch on the stupid 1200€ phone.


WTF we’re not even allowed to resist [twitter.com]


Watch now! 14 new developer videos released by Apple, teaching iPhone X, face tracking, and more: [developer.apple.com] #swiftlang

Really curious to see if anyone buys an iPhone before iPhone X is available. I’ll say it again, this launch seems completely crazy to me.

“Look at it, swipe up” doesn’t really sound like it’s simpler and quicker than pressing the Home button, does it.

Interesting to see Schiller acknowledge outright that Face ID won’t work for twins, when Microsoft’s face recognition has been touted as differentiating them in most cases. (Of course, “most cases” is problematically vague.)

Did not expect for a second Face ID to include Kinect. In a tiny phone. 😮


I miss ‘Slide to Unlock’ 😥

Apple using an open standard for wireless charging? Am I dreaming?

It’s completely absurd that they worked so much on iPhone 8 only to immediately supplant it with iPhone X. A simple 7s upgrade would have made sense; not a completely redesign.

Non-Plus iPhone 8 still doesn’t have the twin cameras 😠

I miss the original iPhone’s announcement like I miss a first hit of heroin.

With an A10X the Apple TV could really offer some serious gaming experiences. If anyone ever bought it for that.

I would have expected the LTE model to be about $100 more. Being on a Series 0 I’m possibly curious about upgrading.

Does the virtual SIM really take dedicated silicon space instead of being just software?

Why would you (seemingly) force the red crown on everyone who buys the LTE Watch?


I can’t unsee. #iPhoneHairline


A presentation of the PDP-11/45 used in 1976 to create the Death Star CGI in StarWars


#retrocomputing #retrocgi


iPhone X’s fluid multitasking UI is /very/ webOS, just w/ more physics. Shame existing iPhones won’t get it; going to feel very different


What if the new iPhone tracks your face to project the right part of wide-fov video on screen, you’d percieve it 100 % see-through #arkit

11 September


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