Hi! My name is Cédric Bozzi, I make websites and iOS apps, and this is my blog about technology (mostly a Twitter archive, really).

30 March


Current progress on mapping music to facial expression vectors. #StyleGAN2 #realtime

Song: “Triggernometry” by Kraftamt, 2014

29 March


Me: Hm rather than pay for more iCloud Drive space, I’d like to turn off iCloud Drive sync. I can back up those local files myself elsewhere.

Apple: The only option is to remove your local files and keep them in iCloud Drive. Enjoy Googling ways to deal with this. Happy Sunday!

28 March

Whichever app sits in that spot gets an empty red badge. I rebooted and it quickly came back.

27 March


Antique french safe with a special lock mechanism


I just got an email from Dropbox that evoked a little bit of relief or excitement because it wasn’t about how they’re handling COVID-19 for me. I have no idea what the email WAS about because I still deleted it immediately, but it’s the thought that counts

26 March


The LiDAR system has far fewer points than I thought it would. [twitter.com]

25 March


Absolute masterpiece of an article on what exactly ventilators are and do written by Bob Baddeley.


22 March


Hey Amazon I’m sure you could save a little bandwidth by removing the pre roll ads on the service I pay for, before reducing bitrate.