25 September

24 September

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It’s wild that M1 Macs can run all the same apps as Intel Macs because Apple burdened everyone with the weight of incompatibility by blocking 32-bit apps in a software update three years ago. And we just… went with it.


Tyler Morgan-Wall @tylermorganwall created a fantastic visualization of the Earth’s underwater fiber optic cable network using RStats and rayrender:


#rayrender #rstats #rendering #render #3dart

I wish Apple had staggered the release dates. I wanted to see the iPad mini in store today, but there were twenty people in line, and I know I’m not the only fan of that form-factor but I don’t think we’re that many.

The Uniqlo near me has added these self-checkout machines and I’m 🤯

Identifying a whole bunch of RFIDs at the same time isn’t a trivial problem, right?

23 September

Thought for a moment that iOS 15 had gotten rid of the option to turn a live photo into a long exposure — it’s just hidden behind the “Live” label in the upper left corner. (And thankfully quicker to access, once you know about it. Forget about discoverability, of course.)

Got an SSL certificate expiring today so I figured I’d give Let’s Encrypt another try, and now I have 99 problems and a migraine is one.

Good grief, is there seriously still no way to add a link to Safari’s Reading List from the iOS Share sheet in a third-party app?!

Oh, right, links randomly and silently failing to save, that’s why I had stopped using Instapaper even though it has the least annoying UI.

22 September


NEW: Amazon’s new AI-powered cameras are penalizing delivery drivers for driving mistakes they didn’t make & drivers are losing income.

It’s the nightmare scenario that AI experts frequently warn about. I talked to drivers about how AI is punishing them:



Companies: In-person work is essential to our culture.

The culture: [twitter.com]


Apple built a protection racket with Mac Gatekeeper. It forced Mac developers, who had previously been legally free, to sign a strict contract. And if developers refused, then Macs would refuse to run their software, and raise suspicions about it being malware.

The thermal design looks very lap-unfriendly; not only does it blow hot air on the sides, but if you just rest it on your thighs the exhaust will be trapped between your skin/clothes and the top cornice 😕

I truly resent Apple for losing so much of their UX advantage that I’m here hesitating between buying a Microsoft or Apple laptop. Now the main argument remaining in their favor is platform synergy, and that won’t be enough to justify the new MacBook Pro’s price.

$2,100 for the Surface Laptop Studio with a 3050 Ti and 512GB SSD. I wanna see how that converts to euros, but it’s… tempting.

Really though, both the girdled laptop and the notification hinge give the impression somewhat of designing for product shots rather than actual device experience. Hope I’m wrong, but then I’ll never see either device in real life, so I’ll never know.

I know it’s only for the first run, but having to “authorize” every single shortcut I’ve created myself to access the app actions I’ve defined myself ON EVERY SINGLE DEVICE I OWN is killing me.

Here’s a free suggestion for Apple:

iPad SE; iPad Air 8” or 11”; iPad Pro 11” or 13”.

Weird, annoying choice in watchOS 8: to make room for a fake text field that’s just a bigger button, you now need an extra tap to reach the emoji reaction button — the one I use the most, since it’s so much more convenient for a quick reply

Quite impressed with Live Text on a photo of my very bad whiteboard handwriting, but I can’t get Visual Lookup to trigger for any photo in my library?

Then again, I probably trust iCloud slightly more than the Photos app itself.

I could free over 100 GB on my main Mac if I didn’t insist Photos keep a local copy of all my pictures, but… that would require trusting iCloud 😕


Well, this is easily @austinmann’s most incredible iPhone camera review yet. The images are just breathtaking.

One of my favorite reads of the year is here: [austinmann.com]

Oh no, I shouldn’t have started reading reviews of iPhone 13 Pro photography 😱 Everything is so tempting… and I didn’t even know the telephoto lens is longer than on previous models.

21 September


Of course it is amusing that iPad, a device designed around simplicity, has the absolute most-complicated windowing system of any OS, just to avoid recreating a desktop environment

I also appreciate how Xcode’s Organizer window doesn’t seem to let you select multiple app archives at the same time to clear some fucking space. Gotta go through them one at a time or delete in Finder and hope that doesn’t break anything.

FFS that’s one percent of the total disk space — and only because I splurged on what would still be considered today a big SSD.

Why does my Mac have NINE GIGABYTES of crash logs from every single app I’ve ever run on my phone 🤦🏻‍♂️

Awww look at that tiny widdle DND indicator (#finally)

20 September

So… when Apple talks of a new password manager included in macOS Monterey, do they mean something like the corresponding settings pane in iOS 15? Because… that’s not gonna do it. Never mind the lack of folders, you can’t even add arbitrary fields to an entry.

Who designed this and are they trying to prevent people from upgrading?

18 September

I’m old enough to remember when iTunes was a halo-effect product 😭

I’m just gonna have to bite the bullet, give up on star ratings and go back to managing my music library in folders like in the dark ages (but on my NAS). Apple is never gonna fix Music’s handling of user-managed files; there’s no subscription revenue in that.

Anyone got any experience with Cog? Or another music library app? I know, this is a request from another century 😫 [cog.losno.co] [twitter.com]

Not the Music app regularly failing to import a music file without warning me


Bitcoin was supposed to make life in El Salvador easier. It’s been a disaster, writes David Gerard.


The problem with Mastodon is that it’s too complicated, and it’s its own closed system. Base it on RSS instead and you already have all the content of the web: every blog and news site available day one.

Can we relaunch RSS as a decentralized competitor to Twitter yet?

Subscribe to a server that gives you a feed of posts, truncated if they’re long, displayed as a familiar timeline. All that’s missing is a standardized protocol for replies (i.e., comments) and messages.