Hi! My name is Cédric Bozzi, I make websites and iOS apps, and this is my blog about technology (mostly a Twitter archive, really).

21 December

Spent three hours trying to get AutoLayout to work. Then scrapped it all and redid the whole UI old-school in ten minutes.

20 December

Trying to debug a malfunctioning keyboard extension is fucking exhausting.

RT @marcoarment: Another dumb App Store rejection after-the-fact: [cultofmac.com]

Apple’s message is clear: “Don’t you dare even try to innovate.”

18 December

RT @viticci: Let designers create & sell icons on the App Store. People can download them. Have them swappable here [pic.twitter.com]

17 December

RT @waxpancake: Whoa, Crossy Road’s pulled down seven figures so far without resorting to abusive IAP. [watoday.com.au]

Fleksy now lets you move the cursor by swiping the space bar. If there ever was a reason to get a third-party keyboard for iOS 8.

16 December

Got it into my head today to update my long-abandoned Mac app (because I still use it daily). Oh god. UIKit can’t come to OS X soon enough.

15 December

13 December

Finally got around to giving Slack a try. It’s the most delightful web-app ever. Wish I had a team to communicate with.

12 December

RT @rundavidrun: Apparently, a sufficient number of puppies can explain any computer science concept. Here we have multithreading: [pic.twitter.com]

RT @joshleejosh: A game like “Papers, Please” but where you review App Store submissions.

11 December

Tired of being angry at Apple so often. Online competency should be as important a factor in choosing a platform as the net is to our lives.

If someone tries to access your iCloud account and you’ve got two-factor auth, you’ll be locked out forever unless you have your recovery key

Does anyone else implement two-factor authentication this way? Because that’s unbelievably stupid. Why would you need to reset an attacked account’s password if they have two-factor auth? And how can you expect 99% of your users to keep a copy of their recovery key — especially when your own website points out that they’ll be able to create another as long as they’ve got their original password and device? This is a policy that can only, mathematically, end up locking out 100% of Apple’s users over time.

I have my recovery key in 1Password, but I’m considering turning two-factor off for my account (assuming that’s even possible), because Apple’s online services can’t be trusted with anything and I feel pretty stupid for signing up to be an early adopter of new security measures that of course they rushed to implement without understanding the consequences.

Don’t forget that, since iOS 7, your devices are locked to your iCloud account. So “just create another account” doesn’t only make you lose everything you’ve ever bought on the App Store.

It’s okay to embed a font in your app so it has a unique identity. Not okay to do all your UI in the same alternative font as everyone else.

Was wondering why all the hipster iOS developers were fetishizing the Avenir typeface. Didn’t realize it now shipped with the OS. Hate it.

If you buy Workflow for iOS, I hope you’re ready for Apple to pull the “add workflows to your home screen” functionality in two weeks.

Of all the things to complain about lately regarding iOS App Review, it’s ridiculous to even mention Papers Please having to remove nudity.

I still can’t quite wrap my head around the idea that Instagram would have more active users than Twitter.

10 December

What’s with the follow-spam today? I don’t usually get any on this account.

9 December

RT @chartier: “You’re going to let the black girl pitch?”

SFGate - What it’s like to be a black, female entrepreneur [sfgate.com]

Launcher Followup and Thoughts on the App Store Review System”

During one of my conversations with someone at App Review last month, I asked if they could tell me if some of these new apps being accepted slipped through or if their use of widgets was deemed acceptable. I heard what had come to be a popular refrain from them. They couldn’t discuss other apps with me, they would look into those apps, and if I submitted a new app with that specific functionality they would be happy to review it and let me know if it was acceptable or not by either rejecting or accepting my new app. They steadfastly refused to tell me if a certain use of a widget was acceptable or not ahead of time. […] When pressed on the issue of their policies leading to wasted developer time, I was told, “If you are afraid something you are working on will be rejected, then don’t work on it.”

I also asked specifically why Launcher was removed from the App Store after 9 days when other similar apps are still available weeks later. The answer to this question was the most interesting and informative response I had ever heard from them. They basically said that Launcher was a trailblazer in uncharted territories and that they felt that they needed to make an example of it in order to get the word out to developers that its functionality is not acceptable without them having to publish new specific guidelines. And they said that the fact that they aren’t seeing hundreds of similar apps submitted every day is proof to them that taking down Launcher was successful in this regard. […]

After Launcher was rejected and the press picked up on it and started writing articles which painted Apple in a bad light, I was afraid that Apple might be mad at me. But it turns out that was actually the outcome they were looking for all along.

What. The. Fuck.

Dear Apple: every time you pull shit like this, there are a number of iOS developers who look closer at learning Android development. At some point, it will end up costing you. (iOS has already progressively been losing the monetization advantage it had over Android, with users being more and more stingy.)

8 December

[Transmit] cannot upload content to iCloud Drive unless the content was created in the app itself.” Remember last WWDC, when iOS 8 was announced and it felt like Christmas? Ha, how naive we were when we were younger.

RT @rustyshelf: “…Review Board that you can appeal to. If you run to the press and trash us, it never helps.” B.S. It’s almost required at this point

RT @jemmons: Apple, WWDC ‘14: “We can’t wait to see what you’ll make with it!” ⁰Apple now: “We didn’t think you’d make that. Stop!”

RT @duncangeere: Noizio is a free, customisable ambient noise generator for OS X: [noiz.io]

7 December

C’est pas un peu gênant, au niveau vie privée, la page d’éligibilité Freebox qui te liste tous les noms habitant à une adresse donnée ?

6 December

RT @viticci: Is App Review’s plan to backtrack iOS 8 all the way to iOS 7? Are they upset for something? How many more excuses can we come up with?

RT @viticci: Apple now forcing @panic to remove iCloud Drive functionality. Why? Dozens of apps can “send” to iCloud Drive. [pic.twitter.com]


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