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16 November

You complain about using Slack in an Electron app, but have you tried working in a CAD app that’s just an embedded web view 🤪

15 November

Oops. I only went to the site to check the printing volume again and mull it over until the next time I had the urge, and now I have a week to figure out ventilation in my workshop.


Emulating Grampa Simpson this morning by writing angry letters to the editor by complaining about how all the kids these days want their technical materials in video format:


14 November

Emptied my iPad’s battery.

Plugged it into my MacBook Pro.

It got enough power to start up, then stopped charging and said “unlock to use accessories.”

This is so absurdly dumb.


I cannot see how there’s a $2bn market for password managers without radically fucking up everything I use a password manager for


It’s a gross indictment of the state of the tech sector that this news, about a massive investment in one of my most-used and most-trusted apps, fills me with dread [techcrunch.com]

13 November

I’m looking for a wireless keyboard for my PC and I have a sudden urge to flip tables. Is everyone really developing their own bullshit wireless format just to avoid paying the $8,000 license fee per Bluetooth product?

I’m honestly impressed by the creativity of “inspired by the Magic Keyboard” as a way of saying “we went back to the pre-2015 design.”

The first post-Ive laptop \o/


Hey people : fuck google, fuck chrome, fuck gmail and the worst offender last, fuck AMP.

Use duckduckgo, use firefox, buy a subscription to fastmail and opt-out of AMP using this extension: [daniel.priv.no]

Do the right thing and stop hiding behind false excuses.

12 November


Taking Notes By Hand May Be Better Than Digitally, Researchers Say. [npr.org]