19 April


SmartBolts are a fasteners with a built-in visual tension indicator. As a SmartBolts fastener is tightened, tension forces it to stretch, and its visual indication system correlates fastener tension with color [smartbolts.com]

18 April


“I don’t have the energy to build up a following once again on a site I don’t own that can delete my career on a whim.… It feels like owning a hardware store for years and having to go work as a cashier at the Home Depot that put you out of business.” [rosalarian.tumblr.com]


This 24 legged motor powered skateboard uses the Theo Jansen’s mechanism as a system of propulsion [source: [buff.ly]] [more about the Jansen’s linkage: [buff.ly]]


“The sky above the port was the color of television tuned to a dead channel” [twitter.com]

14 April


Someone just sent me an app that’s a silly little game, but if I set my VPN to Turkey it becomes an online casino that doesn’t even use Apple’s IAP.



Apple has turned the magic of software development from “How cool would this be?” to “How cool would Apple be with this?”

That’s an environment of software suppression, not innovation.


this is good. the “alien can’t be horror! it’s in space” lady was the wildest mismatch between scale of outrage and mildness of offense that this horrible website with its broken incentives has yet managed to produce [warzel.substack.com]

Why the hell doesn’t this dialog offer to force quit the blocking apps for me? Didn’t it use to?

12 April


This is brilliant. It really should be the last word on the cult of Musk [currentaffairs.org]