9 May


Apple CEO Tim Cook testified before Congress last year, stating: “We treat every developer the same. We have open and transparent rules.” This is false. Both Hulu and Zoom have been whitelisted to use private APIs that other devs aren’t allowed to use. [9to5mac.com]

7 May

I’m printing white boxes and my printer is somehow dropping globs of black filament all over them, like it was saving them in its beard 🤨

6 May


My second screen is calm and grey except every once in a while a fish swims up (it’s usually a perch) and then I push a doorbell to let the lock operator in Utrecht know there’s a fish that’s trying to make its way up the canal. [visdeurbel.nl]


Twitter removing the image cropping so now if you scroll back through previous images you’ll see all the camera crews and lighting rigs that were never meant to be visible

5 May

I ordered a zigbee controller chip for my home-made lamps and it got lost in the French post office system. I placed a second order ten days ago and it hasn’t shipped yet. I must have offended the Gods of RGB Lighting 😭


For those who can’t pay the full fee up front, “…the vest includes an additional subscription-based payment option that will block the vest from inflating if the payments don’t go through.” 😵 [vice.com]

4 May


Apple had been leaning on Epic/the Unreal Engine to highlight the power of the iPhone/iPad in keynotes for 5 years at this point [twitter.com]

2 May