3 juillet

I’m trying to do something pretty basic in Shortcuts — displaying some HTML defined in the shortcut itself — and I can’t believe how many hoops I have to jump through. It’s depressing to think AppleScript is dead and some power users are molding their brains to Shortcuts.

1 juillet


Boeing’s Vertol 107 helicopter being used to pull a barge 50 miles through ice


The Antarctic Snow Cruiser was a vehicle designed under the direction of Thomas Poulter to facilitate the United States Antarctic Service Expedition (1939), but generally failed to operate as hoped and was abandoned in Antarctica [video and full story: [buff.ly]]

30 juin

UPSes are so expensive and big and all I need is something to give the NAS time to shut down 😫 (And maybe keep my router online for a bit since it’s in the same closet.)

I still think it’s silly that Synology doesn’t sell plug-and-play supercapacitor modules for their NASes 💸


Interesting summary of PassKeys


I don’t think I will use them or recommend any of my friends or family use them though.

They have too many limitations and too many new points of failure.

They basically make your phone your digital ID. Better not lose it!

29 juin


This wouldn’t be a very good magic trick if you could see the marks. We need invisible marks.

One of these decks is unmarked, the other is marked with this special ink that is only visible under specific IR conditions.


WTF, you can’t prevent iCloud from syncing email accounts between devices short of disabling keychain sync, and now it’s causing a weird bug where it refuses to update the SMTP settings for my mail account. I’m not sure if disabling keychain will affect more than passwords 😕

28 juin


every day I log on to twitter dot com and have to explain the concept of a joke from first principles to people who have never heard one

26 juin

During the heat wave last week I picked up my iPad Pro instead of the Mini, to get a bigger screen without leaving my bed. I… haven’t touched the Mini again since.

Maybe the market’s right after all: the Mini feels great in hand, but its screen is too small (for my aging eyes).

Finally got around to opening Xcode and updating my last standing app.

The AdMob documentation: “We recommend CocoaPods but a manual download is available.”

The manual download: