26 September 2006


FileBrowse is a visual file browser for OS X that makes preview icons of every file and every folder’s contents.

It feels much more responsive than I feared and, apart from some minor limitations that will undoubtedly be fixed (I didn’t manage to trash a file), my only gripe is that it’s a browser, not a spacial Finder. When I’m able to set preferences for each folder to open in a different window retaining window position and view settings, we can talk — but for now I can’t even find a keyboard shortcut to open a folder into a new window.

(Note: FileBrowse has been updated to version 1.0.1 since I typed this, but the bug fixes aren’t listed on VersionTracker.)



Apple’s lawyers:

Moreover, the term POD has also been adopted and used extensively in the marketplace by consumers as an abbreviation to refer to Apple’s IPOD player.


Apple owns […] pending U.S. [trademark] applications for both IPOD and POD.

They’re trademarking “Pod” ? Geez…


So I guess the real reason why iTunes kinda hurried to embrace podcasts was to give Apple an opportunity to reclaim the word? Please, please, please, vote with your RSS feeds and rename your podcasts!



The Omni Group is working on a GTD app. Yay!



A mini-mini phone with touch-screen and stylus. Sure, it’s even less functional than speech recognition, but it’s much cooler, especially in those Nintendo DS days.



Orbiculus [via]. Lickable. By Art Lebedev — who else?



I’m glad my blog’s redesign frees me from my self-imposed constraint on image heights being multiples of 75 pixels.