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30 March 2010

iPad mockups and demos all around

Yup, it’s gonna be iPad week (if it wasn’t already last week), and the first official screenshots and demos are coming up. Let’s get our drool on!

Apple guided tours: those aren’t really replicating the magic of the iPhone’s first guided tours; in fact, just like the January keynote, it only really starts to get interesting when you reach the iWork demos — which is unfortunately too late for the nay-sayers who will stop at the first couple of videos (if not earlier).

I hadn’t realized that Videos was a separate app from iPod; that’s interesting. I also hadn’t realized that the iPad is replacing the iPod touch as the perfect home stereo solution for the filthy rich. And, coming back to iWork, I’m confused as to why the iPad doesn’t display the next slide under your fingers when you’re running a presentation on an external screen; I thought Keynote was supposed to do such useful things.

The Yahoo app looks uncharacteristically sleek. Well, it’s not so uncharacteristic when you consider their iPhone app; and seeing as that is just a rebranding of Inquisitor, which they purchased, you can see how the same developer-designer might be at work here. (Gotta love the iPhone OS for bringing back the one-guy shop.)

Bento (there were more screenshots somewhere else at some point, I think) is a perfect fit for iPad, but who’s gonna need it when Numbers has forms?

Twitterific is doing it wrong; enlarging a single timeline view is not functional. But then, Twitepad is doing it worse — so much worse. Which makes me wonder what Seesmic will look like on the… no, it’s not gonna look too good either. Well, what I’m really wondering is why Tweetie’s developer hasn’t said anything about an iPad update, as far as I know. It looks like he’s been focusing on the next Mac version and will probably wait until he can play with an iPad for a while before he starts developing for it, which is perfectly sensible and so frustrating for the users.

And a bunch of stuff: iMockups is a concept that will speak to any designer, but it’s rather ugly and doesn’t look very functional. SketchNotes is okay and I’m certain there will be better implementations of that simple idea. You can barely make out the “2x” button at the bottom of the BuzzVoice demo and the geniuses at Mashable write that “it looks very similar to the iPhone app.” Kobo has some nice touches, but what’s the point when you’re going against both Apple and Amazon on the e-book market.

I could have embedded small screenshots, but if you’re interested in the topic you’ve already watched all the videos.

And I really need to start making videos for my own apps.