3 may 2024

I’m intrigued by the phrasing of this alert — it’s almost like they went out of their way not to say they think it’s the customer calling them.

Makes me wonder if they designed this to be used in both cases, customer calling or bank calling, which would be extremely ill-advised. Or if it’s really just an unintentional lack of clarity, because it seemed obvious in the copywriter’s mind, with unfortunate consequences.

Terence Eden (

Attached: 1 image You receive a call on your phone. The caller says they’re from your bank and they’re calling about a suspected fraud. "Oh yeah," you think. Obvious scam, right? The caller says "I’ll send you an in-app notification to prove I’m calling from your bank." Your phone buzzes. You tap the notification This is what you see. Still think it is a scam? 1/3

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