3 jun. 2024

Many, many years ago, a new specification called “XML” emerged. After a bit, people realized it was kinda useful for some stuff.

Then, something happened.


I imagine many conversations between managers / developers somewhat like this:

M: “So, what is the nice thing with #XML

D: “oh, it is a specification that simplifies stuff, since tools have a clean format to work with.”

M: “So, what kinda specifications?”

D: “Oh, it can be more or less anything.”

M: *starry eyed!* “an.. an… anything?”

I was teaching computer courses for companies at that point. Suddenly, my calendar was just packed with XML courses.

It is like very limited what you can teach, it is not really complex, so you talk surrounding technologies. But not…

“Our boss wants us to replace the SQL db with XML?”


“We gonna use XML instead of MS SQL”

“… what?”

“He said XML can be used for anything…”

If you think companies with #AI plans have actual plans, with a strategy make sense, please think of this story.

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