8 jun. 2024

Enotria appears to ask “what if we made a beat-by-beat photocopy of Bloodborne, but under the Italian sun, and without a dodge-roll,” and the first part works for me, but the second doesn’t, at all. I’m not even sure the timing and distances are different; it just feels wrong. Not a fan either of the lack of fast weapons, at least in the beginning of the demo, but it seems good enough that I’ll give it a shot on Game Pass.

Enotria: The Last Song on Steam

Enotria: The Last Song is a soulslike set in a beautiful sun-lit world inspired by Italian folklore where the brightest sun casts the darkest shadow. Wear unique role-altering masks, face formidable foes and alter reality with the power of Ardore to unravel the secrets of Enotria.

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