11 jun. 2024

That’s probably the biggest question as to how the public will respond.

Technically, they’ve shown that it can run on a tiny phone SotC, and they’ve talked about their custom AI-centric servers, so it shouldn’t be such a stretch to upgrade server-side Siri for more people.

Emotionally, forcing people who have anything but last year’s most expensive model to upgrade for a service that used to be cloud-based feels a bit like a slap in the face.

Steve Troughton-Smith (

I still have so many questions about ‘Apple Intelligence’ after yesterday. Does Siri just… not get better?… on anything below an iPhone 15 Pro? No improvement to the cloud-based Siri on older devices? No HomePods? Can we as developers not rely on an improved conversational, smart Siri across devices when building our new Siri features?

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