17 may 2023

Two told-you-sos in as many days. Last year I started thinking about deleting my old tweets, then gave up because there was no way they would really be deleted. Even independently of, and prior to, Musk’s incompetence and malice, there was no way a service the size of Twitter would — or could — actually delete data posted over the course of fifteen years.

Dick Morrell ✔️. (

Last November I deleted all my Tweets. Every single one. I then ran Redact and deleted all my likes, my media and retweets. 38k tweets gone For six months I’ve had sub 5 tweets online Woke up today to find 34k of them Twitter who presumably brought a server farm back up. Now re deleting This shows why you should NOT be using Twitter, ever Please boost Addendum: if you are affected please follow me here and post details of your experience. Am in touch with Twitter.

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