16 mai 2023

Apple is pre-announcing some Accessibility features likely coming to iOS 17 later this year, and we have the details on @macstories.

Two features are especially a big deal:

- Personal Voice will let users who are at risk of losing their voice create a synthetic version of it. All done with Neural Engine on-device.

- Assistive Access is a brand new, simplified UI mode for iPhone and iPad that streamlines the entire UI.

More details:

Apple Marks Global Accessibility Awareness Day with Features Coming to iOS, iPadOS, and macOS Later This Year

Thursday is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, and as in years past, Apple has previewed several new accessibility features coming later this year. This year, Apple is focusing on a wide range of accessibility features covering cognitive, vision, hearing, mobility, and speech, which were designed with feedback from disability communities. The company hasn’t said when these

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